Bankinter to award 4,000 euros to whoever guesses the six best performing share prices of the month

Bankinter reopens its ‘Primi-Bolsa’ contest, one of the largest contests on social networks, targeting stock market enthusiasts with a jackpot.

Bankinter is relaunching ‘Primi-Bolsa’, a contest targeting people interest in financial market news and equities. In light of the success of the contest’s first edition, with over 1,000 participants, the bank is revamping it with a 4,000 euro prices, one of the largest offered on social networks in Spain.

Primi-Bolsa ( is a contest on social networks through which Bankinter challenges all investors to guess the six companies with the best performing share prices on the IBEX 35 in November. The winner would get up to 4,000 euros, depending on whether he or she gets the right answer alone or along with other participants.

The first edition of the contest three months ago saw no winner. Due to the interest raised, Bankinter decided to reopen the contest,  this time with a 4,000 euro jackpot instead of the 3,000 euros up for grabs in the previous edition.

To take part in this contest (which is open to Bankinter customers and non-customers alike), those interested must visit the Bankinter page on Facebook ( or Twitter ( ) and go to the Primi-Bolsa section.  On those profile pages, participants can submit the six IBEX shares they think will have the best performance (in percentages) during the month of November. They can also access the contest via the following link:

The contest will be open until 23.59 on Tuesday, 31 October, after which all submitted guesses will be counted. To calculate the return rate of the shares, the closing prices stated at the end of October and the first business day of November will be taken into account. Once the performance of all companies has been verified, the participant (or participants) with the winning guesses will be identified.

According to the legal disclaimer of the contest, in the event of a tie, with more than one winner, the prize will be divvied up between all the winners. Furthermore, if there is no winning contestant, the prize will be added to the jackpot for the next edition of the contest.

To participate in this initiative, those interested need only to be a user of one of the social networks mentioned above and of legal age. The contest platform allows contestants to share it for free and voluntarily with friends and family members, increasing the probability of winning.


Social networks and the stock exchange: a recurring match for Bankinter

Bankinter is enhancing its commitment to social media and investors with this initiative. Primi-Bolsa is just one example of the digital communication strategy Bankinter is implementing with a close connection to markets. For starters, years ago, the bank created the ‘Blog de Bankinter’, an online financial and economic information portal with a particular focus on markets and investment, with an increasingly large readership each year and over two million visits annually. Through its profiles on Facebook (96,000 followers) and particularly Twitter (56,000 followers), Bankinter closely monitors stock market trends, with reports and analyses from its research department about listed companies and indices.

Its market-related contests are also well known in the finance community. In addition to Primi-Bolsa, at the end of each year, Bankinter coordinates the ‘Porra del Ibex’, a sweepstake in which the contestant whose guess is closest to the actual closing price of the Ibex 35 will win a trip for two to New York. Bankinter’s desire to bring financial markets closer to individual investors through innovative initiatives has led it to organise several online ‘Forum Bolsa’ seminars while also launching its new Cuenta Bróker, a no-fee broker account with competitive trading rates that pays back cash when it has available funds.