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Bankinter's Board proposes María Dolores Dancausa as Non-Executive Chair to replace Pedro Guerrero, and Gloria Ortiz as new Chief Executive Officer | Bankinter Corporate Website
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Bankinter's Board proposes María Dolores Dancausa as Non-Executive Chair to replace Pedro Guerrero, and Gloria Ortiz as new Chief Executive Officer

  • Pedro Guerrero Guerrero will end his term as Chairman of the Board of Directors of Bankinter, per his own request, on 21 March 2024, after a brilliant career of 17 years at the helm of the Board.
  • The Board will nominate the bank's current CEO, María Dolores Dancausa Treviño, as non-executive Chairman of the Board of Directors, and current Head of Commercial Banking, Gloria Ortiz Portero, as Chief Executive Officer.

Bankinter's Board of Directors at its meeting today agreed to designate María Dolores Dancausa Treviño as non-executive Chairman, replacing Pedro Guerrero Guerrero (who is stepping down per his own request after 17 years as the Board's chairman); and nominate the bank's current Head of Commercial Banking, Gloria Ortiz Portero, as the new CEO at the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders at 21 March 2024.


Both appointees will take office effectively from the date of the AGM.


Bankinter has already initiated the mandatory suitability assessment process for each candidate with the European Central Bank.

Pedro Guerrero, a brilliant career as Chairman of Bankinter since 2007.

Pedro Guerrero Guerrero has a degree in law, and is a government lawyer, a stockbroker and notary public in Madrid (on leave of absence).


Mr Guerrero has long been linked to the world of the stock exchange and markets. He was a founder partner and vice-president of A.B. Asesores Bursátiles, until it was acquired by Morgan Stanley in 1999. In July 1989, he was elected president of the Madrid Stock Exchange, spearheading the reforms prompted by the enactment of Spain's Securities Market Act.  During that time, he also acted as Chairman of the "Sociedad de Bolsas", a company he founded, which manages the Continuous Market and the interconnection system of Spain's four stock exchanges.

Between 1990 and 2000, Mr Guerrero was an advisor to Bankinter, until he joined the Board of Directors in April of that year. He was appointed Vice-Chairman in December 2003.

In April 2007, Pedro Guerrero was appointed Chairman of Bankinter, a non-executive position he will hold until 21 March 2024, when he will step down of his own accord.

Bankinter's Board of Directors expresses its deepest gratitude for Pedro Guerrero's work over so many years. He has been an architect and key player in Bankinter's strategy for the past two decades, contributing his in-depth knowledge of finance, markets, sustainability and good governance to Bankinter's development and reputation as one of Europe's leading banks. 

Maria Dolores Dancausa, designated as new Non-Executive Chairman.

Maria Dolores Dancausa Treviño has served as CEO of Bankinter since October 2010. Prior, between 1995 and 2010, she worked at Línea Directa Aseguradora, as general secretary of its founder team and on the Board of Directors, until she became CEO at the beginning of 2008. During that time, she led Línea Directa to become Spain's fifth largest auto insurer.

In her years at the helm of Bankinter, the bank has consolidated its position as one of Europe's most robust banks in terms of profits, profitability, asset quality, efficiency and other indicators that place it at the forefront of the financial sector. According to the European Banking Authority stress tests of over 70 banks in 2023, Bankinter emerged the most resilient bank in Spain and the fifth most resilient in Europe in the face of a hypothetical worsening of macroeconomic conditions. It also established itself as one of the most sustainable banks in the world, featuring, for the sixth consecutive year, on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index World, the most prestigious international index in the sphere of sustainability.

In addition, Ms Dancausa's tenure as Bankinter's top executive has brought more diversified sources of revenue as well as geographical expansion, with the integration of what are now Bankinter Luxembourg, Bankinter Portugal and Avant Money (in Ireland) into the Group.

Ms Dancausa will step down from her executive role and become non-executive chair of the Board, a unique role in the Spanish banking system that Bankinter created in 2013 as a key element of its internal governance.

Gloria Ortiz, nominated as new Chief Executive Officer.

Gloria Ortiz Portero has extensive experience in the finance and insurance industries. She joined Bankinter in 2001 as Financial Controller. Later, she served as Head of Investor Relations, Chief Financial Officer, Head of Digital Banking, Technology and Operations and, since 2021, Head of Commercial Banking. She also led the Corporate & Business Development area and is a member of the Board of Trustees of the Bankinter Foundation for Innovation. She is also a board member of the group's subsidiaries and chairs the Board of Bankinter Luxembourg.

Gloria Ortiz holds a degree in Economics and Business Administration from ICADE and a BA Honours in Business Administration from Middlesex University London. She has accredited career experience in all areas of finance. Gloria stands out for her expertise and her contribution to Bankinter's remarkable progress, having taken part in and co-led the most significant corporate transactions that the bank and its group have undertaken in recent years.

Gloria also possesses the management and decision-making skills, strategic vision and knowledge of the business and its risks that are necessary to achieve long-term objectives.

The appointments of María Dolores Dancausa as non-executive chairman and Gloria Ortiz as CEO mark the start of a new phase where Bankinter will continue to promote a unique business model based on profitable growth, diversified revenues, omni-channelling and effective risk control, leveraging synergies between its group's various subsidiaries and geographies.