Bankinter is organising the annual edition of its Stock Market Forum in an online format which will be open to all investors

Different experts from the bank will offer their views on the markets and investment possibilities in the current environment, and will discuss the latest tools to get started with equities.

Appearing as a special guest, the economist Fernando Trías de Bes will reveal some of the main tips from his latest books, including: “The Nash solution: Economic reactivation after Covid-19”

On Wednesday 20 October, Bankinter is holding its now traditional Stock Market Forum, which, like last year, will be broadcast live via streaming from the Madrid Stock Exchange and will be open to any investors who wish to sign up.

The event, which will be attended by BME and will begin at 18:00, will help provide investors and anyone wanting to start out in the world of investment with all the keys to current economic and equity markets, as well as training in the use of the latest Bankinter broker tools. This will allow them to make efficient investment decisions, based on comprehensive information and with a high level of risk control.

This year's Stock Market Forum, which will be attended by the journalist Mónica Carrillo acting as presenter, interviewer and moderator of the discussion table, has been designed based on the slogan “The world and investments after Covid-19”. To that end, the Forum will be attended by one particularly exceptional speaker, the economist and writer, Fernando Trías de Bes, who will present some of the main tips from his latest books, including: “The Nash solution: Economic reactivation after Covid-19”, where he suggests an economic strategy to avoid a prolonged and deep recession due to the pandemic. In addition, Trías de Bes will dedicate a few minutes, after his presentation, to answering questions from the public.

The Stock Market Forum will also be attended by Pedro Guerrero, Chairman of Bankinter, who, in addition to introducing the bank, will discuss his vision of the past and present of investment in the Stock Market, and of Bankinter's capabilities in this business area. Thomas Zeeb, Global Head of Exchanges at SIX, a Swiss group which BME belongs to, will also take part.

The event will close with a round table, moderated by Mónica Carrillo, where two experts from the bank, market analyst Juan Tuesta, and Bankinter's Equity Business Director, Marco Antonio López, will discuss the current state of the markets and the most appropriate investment strategy for current circumstances.

The whole event can be streamed and is open to all investors. Simply sign up in advance using the following link: