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Bankinter offers discounts on security trading and splitting payments on card purchases during Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Bankinter is cutting its fee from 20 to 5 for trading securities on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) on Friday and on the Nasdaq on Monday.

During Black Friday, there will be zero charges on the 'Compra Smart' service, which enables you to split one or more purchases made with your credit card into payments.

In addition, Bankinter offers a 2% discount when purchasing gift vouchers through the bank's app until 28 November.

Bankinter is offering discounts on different transactions to its different customers for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, which take place next Friday and Monday.

As a result, the Bankinter Broker is reducing from 20 to 5 euros the brokerage fee applied to purchases and sales of shares in the most representative index of the New York Stock Exchange, the New York Stock Exchange. This discount will run until Cyber Monday for securities listed on the Nasdaq technology index. The trading fee will be 5 euros rather than the usual 20 euros.

These offers are valid for online or mobile transactions and for amounts less than $40,000. It does not cover purchases and sales on ETFs (exchange-traded funds) or credit trading.

At the same time, the Compra Smart service will be available for free to new customers to the service up until 27 November. Compra Smart enables you to split one or more purchases of more than 90 euros made with your credit card into several payments,  and will give you between 3 and 6 months to pay these instalments.

In addition, Bankinter is offering its customers savings of 2%, an increase from the current 1.5%, when purchasing gift vouchers through the Bankinter website and app. This gift-voucher offer will run until 28 November, inclusive. Therefore, with this saving, if a customer buys a 100-euro gift voucher of this type, they will pay 98 euros for it.