Bankinter Consumer Finance launches the four month interest free payment by card

The company, specialised in bank spending, permits payments of up to 500 euros at 0% with its credit cards.

Bankinter Consumer Finance has launched its first first Great Purchases Without Interest campaign. With it, the Bankinter subsidiary specialised in spending now allows users of its credit cards to make purchases of up to 500 euros and to delay payment up to four months without paying interest. In this way, the users can defer one or a number of payments with their cards without being charged any interest.

The Great Purchases service can be applied to all purchases made by bank card users, allowing them to select the amount of fees they wish to pay.This service is available for all cards contracted with end-of-month payments and can be obtained online through the Bankinter website (, as well as in the branches and in the other channels.

To access the advantages of the service, users only need to be the holder of a Bankinter credit card. This campaign is valid throughout July, during the summer period in which credit card spending increases for seasonal items, holiday leisure activities, travel and the sales season.

From August, the institution will generate new offers in order to give card users the greatest flexibility for paying for all of their purchases.

Bankinter Consumer Finance constitutes one of the firm commitments of Bankinter at a time when a new rising trend has been detected, with a growth in consumer credit of 9.5% in the last 12 months. In this context, the bank has strengthened its subsidiary with more resources in 2015 and a few months ago it announced the objective of closing 2016 with an investment of 1,000 million euros and a million customers.