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Bankinter reinforces Popcoin and rebrands it as 'Bankinter Roboadvisor' after its pioneering role in digital banking management

The Bank's 'roboadvisor' has established itself as a key player in digital investment through both delegated and indexed fund portfolios as well as pension plans based on exchange traded funds or ETFs..

Bankinter has reinforced Popcoin, its 100% digital investment manager, by  rebranding it. From now on, Popcoin will be called 'Bankinter Roboadvisor'.

The manager will now assume a prominent position in the Bank's range of investment services. Popcoin, now Bankinter Roboadvisor, was the first digital manager launched by a bank in Spain, back in 2018, becoming a pioneer in this category. Popcoin has been an integral part of the Bank since then, but the fact that it belongs to Bankinter will now be more visible for customers and investors.

During these past four years, the roboadvisor has consolidated its range of products and performed positively as a completely digital player with an offering targeted at investors who have no desire to conduct their business at a branch or by telephone and who want to delegate their investment.

Since its launch four years ago, the newly named Bankinter Roboadvisor has therefore offered a range of fund portfolios with both delegated management and indexed management (in the latter case, following the investment mix of selected major indices on the international markets). In addition to this, in 2019 Bankinter became the first bank to launch pension plans based on ETFs (exchange traded funds), all through Popcoin.

An initiative at the forefront of innovation and sustainability

Developed as a pioneer in digital investment management, Popcoin – now Bankinter Roboadvisor – reached a new milestone in 2020 with the launch of its first sustainable investment fund portfolios. These are made up of funds from the world's leading managers that meet environmental, social and governance criteria (known as ESG) and combine active and indexed management with global geographical exposure.


No changes to transactions

Despite the new name of Bankinter Roboadvisor, customers will not see any changes to the way transactions are carried out and they will still have access to the same high-quality services and products as before the rebranding.


Bankinter will continue to reinforce its range of digital investment services, building on the steps it took in this direction last October with the launch of Capital Advisor, the first 100% online  advisor offered by a Spanish bank.