Bankinter launches its first 'green' mortgage for financing efficient homes with no arrangement fee

The bank offers its customers a specific mortgage loan for purchases of new or existing homes with higher energy category certification ratings.

With the Efficient Home Mortgage Bankinter broadens its range of products which emphasize energy efficiency and sustainability as priorities.

Bankinter improves its offering of sustainable products. The bank recently launched its first green mortgage which will provide financing for both new and existing properties which are highly energy efficient.

Customers who use this type of mortgage loan, called an "Efficient Home Mortgage", will have the arrangement fee, currently €500, waived.

The offer will be available for both fixed rate and variable rate mortgages. New homes must have a category A energy rating, and existing and refurbished homes must have a category A or B rating.

In this manner, the bank prioritizes mortgages financing highly efficient homes that consume less energy.

With this new mortgage, Bankinter adds to its range of sustainable initiatives. For several years the bank has offered investment funds that invest using sustainability criteria, such as the Bankinter Sustainability Fund and the Bankinter Energy Efficiency and Environment Fund. Additionally, the bank makes more than 1,100 international funds available to its customers which utilise responsible criteria and which invest in companies dedicated to renewable energy, innovation, technology and the reduction of the impact of climate change, and those included in the main sustainability rankings.

Additionally, Bankinter issued €750 million of green bonds in January 2020, with a positive environmental impact equivalent to a 267,638 ton reduction in CO2 during the last year.

Furthermore, in November 2020, Bankinter began offering the first pension plan managed using social, environmental and good governance criteria (known as ESG criteria). Last May, in parallel, the bank launched the first sustainable investment fund portfolios on its digital investment manager, Popcoin.

Bankinter has been in pursuit of sustainability as one of its key strategic priorities for several decades through successive Sustainability Plans, with actions in the following areas: environmental, economic and social.