Bankinter creates remote signature for pension plans and fixed-yield savings products

The bank already let customers sign agreements for deposits, accounts and investment funds digitally online or quickly using the app, with all the security guarantees and without having to visit a branch office.

Bankinter’s online offering of products and services continues to grow. It has recently given customers the option of remotely signing for pension plans and brokerage accounts in order to make these processes quicker and easier to carry out, with the same guarantees and total security.

With this online service, customers do not have to visit a branch office to sign in person. Instead, they can take out pension plans and fixed-yield savings products in a more convenient manner, after opening a brokerage account as required. Accordingly, these processes can be resolved without any need for the customer to be physically present.

This remote signature option has been available for months for a wide range of products, such as deposits, current accounts, pension plans, brokerage accounts, investment funds and direct debits in the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA). This service lets users close out deals already initiated with their account managers via the worldwide web ( or through the Bankinter app in a revamped, simpler and more intuitive process. All signatures are legally valid, and users will always have the signed documents available in the ‘Contracts’ section of the bank’s website (

Users need only to access Bankinter’s website or app through any device (computer, mobile or tablet) and sign the deposit order that will be processed remotely by their account managers. Remote signing involves simply entering a one-time password sent immediately via SMS. After this step, agreements will have been duly signed. Customers will be promptly notified via SMS about the status of the related transaction.

Bankinter is known for its innovative drive, with several technological milestones on the cutting edge throughout its history. It is broadening its digital products and services offering to enhance further its value proposition for its customers who increasingly demand faster service.

Over the year, Bankinter redesigned its website, making it faster and more user-friendly; and updated its ‘Wallet’ app for making payments via mobile device. It also improved its on-line ‘Broker’ and launched a specific ‘Wallet’ for ‘bankintercards’ managed by Bankinter Consumer Finance, the bank’s consumer lending subsidiary. Moreover, it launched its new app for companies, which allows corporate banking customers and their authorised representatives to carry out daily transactions in an easier and quicker manner.