Popcoin, Bankinter's digital investment manager, launches its first sustainable fund portfolios

The portfolios invest in funds of management companies that comply with environmental, social and good governance criteria and are reaping success among customers who choose to invest in corporately responsible securities.

The Bankinter Analysis Department, with a long fifteen-year trajectory in the design of fund portfolios, carries out the investment strategy and the composition of the portfolios for Popcoin.

Popcoin breaks into sustainable investing. Bankinter's digital investment manager recently launched its first sustainable portfolios that invest in funds from the world's leading management companies that meet environmental, social and good corporate governance criteria (known as ESG).

With this new offer, Popcoin seeks to reinforce Bankinter's commitment to sustainability, which already has its own sustainable funds in its offer, while offering a tailored option for those investors who prefer to invest in securities with sustainability as a guide.

The portfolios combine active management and indexed management (more cost efficient) with global geographic exposure. Each portfolio includes approximately a dozen funds, depending on the profile that the investor has chosen according to their appetite for equities: conservative, moderate and dynamic. The management fee is 0.60% plus VAT.

The extensive experience of the experts in the Bankinter Analysis Department.

In total, a due diligence of 26,000 investment funds has been carried out, of which 140 were finally considered to define portfolios, which are decided by Bankinter's Analysis Department, an area that has been allocating fund portfolios for fifteen years.

The Bankinter Analysis team reviews these sustainable portfolios every month and, in any case, will always carry out a review when deemed necessary. It adheres to a sustainability risk integration policy when selecting investments and making investment decisions, meaning that the selected collective investment institution universe applies the most appropriate integration strategies (exclusion, best in class, best efforts, engagement etc.) or a combination of them depending on their characteristics.

Portfolios follow a combination of financial and non-financial (ESG) criteria and invest only in collective investment institutions that state that they apply ESG criteria. All of the selected funds belong to top-level managers who have signed the PRI (Principles for Responsible Investment promoted by the United Nations) and have proven experience in the field of sustainability.