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Bankinter promotes a raft of measures to cope with inflation

In its new advertising campaign, Bankinter highlights the financial products and services it offers its customers to help with the negative impact of rising prices.

The campaign will launch this Sunday, 12 June, with a television ad called “Mr Money”, which addresses the difficulties of the current economic climate with a 50-euro note as the protagonist.

Bankinter is launching a new advertising campaign this weekend. This mainly audio-visual campaign uses a 50-euro banknote to highlight the measures the bank has introduced to deal with the economic impact of inflation on the finances of families and companies.

The campaign aims to raise awareness among customers and non-customers of the importance of efficient management of household finances at times of economic uncertainty, market volatility and high inflation, like those we are currently experiencing. It highlights the financial products and services the bank has made available to its customers to deal with the negative impact of rising prices.

These include: its interest-bearing accounts, which have unchanged financial conditions, including exemption from fees, and remuneration for account balances of up to 340 euros gross, in the first two years. accounts that include an 'easy payment' service, enabling customers to split all types of account charges and payments to suit their circumstances; regular contributions to investment products, such as the Capital Advisor; mortgages for young people at variable interest rates, with the best terms and conditions, a maximum term of 40 years and financing of up to 90% of the property's appraisal value; and advice and administration of European funds for companies.

A campaign where money tells the story.

The campaign is built around a musical narrative inspired by Quevedo's famous poem “Poderoso caballero es Don Dinero” (Mr Money is a powerful gentleman), using visually striking shots with the banknote as the protagonist. The story metaphorically recounts the series of negative impacts on the assets and purchasing power of families and businesses over recent years, including the coronavirus pandemic, rising inflation, energy and fuel prices, the environmental crisis and the increase in the Euribor.

The television campaign will run for between three and four weeks, with 90, 60 and 30-second ads in premium slots“”, prioritising 'quality' over 'quantity'. The campaign will run until mid-July in digital media and on social networks.

This campaign continues Bankinter's creative line as “the bank that sees money the way you do”, and was created in collaboration with Sioux meet Cyranos, as the creative agency, Havas, as the media agency, and the audio-visual production company Canada.