Bankinter raises more than 700 million euros in one month with its Bankinter Premium Fixed Income investment fund

  • The bank has launched a fund, designed by Bankinter Asset Management, that enables customers with savings and a preference for monetary assets, treasury bills and similar options, to take positions in fixed income.
The new Bankinter Premium Fixed Income fund, designed by Bankinter Gestión de Activos, has concluded its first weeks of marketing with a real flourish: it has already raised 709 million euros of assets, which represents a resounding success in demand. 

With this investment option, Bankinter rounded off its Premium range of profiled funds. This is a category that has registered significant demand in recent years and which has delivered outstanding results in both absolute and relative terms. With the Bankinter Premium Fixed Income fund the bank is seeking to meet the potential demand of customers, both savers and investors, who see the merit of investing in monetary assets, such as treasury bills and similar products.

This fund has been launched at a time that could be described as a turning point. Central banks have paused interest rate hikes and the possibility of more significant cuts being made over the coming months is now starting to be contemplated, perhaps even sooner than thought. And historically this is a development that has benefitted customers who take positions in fixed income.

This fund has been created both for the saver who is thinking about making the move to investment funds and for those who are already investors and prefer monetary assets, as well as those who prefer not to allocate assets to investing in equities. The Bankinter Premium Fixed Income fund is midway between a monetary fund and a short-term fixed income fund.

And with this new fund, Bankinter Gestión de Activos rounds off its Premium category, which has funds tailored to each investor profile: defensive, conservative, moderate, dynamic and aggressive.

It is an actively managed product, which means it will change its investment policy based on the circumstances and in line with its prospectus. It is not a guaranteed fund, a target return or in the buy & hold category.

In its current composition, the fund continues to maintain a high percentage of monetary assets, teamed with a fixed income portfolio of good credit quality and low durations, making it less sensitive to interest rate movements.

In its acquisition for the Bankinter Premium Fixed Income fund, the bank has noted that there are customers who have contracted this product with assets that hitherto remained more or less statically as savings, which they are now allocating to investment.