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Bankinter Capital Advisor gives more autonomy to investors with a new feature for selecting the funds to include in the recommended portfolio

The first 100% digital banking advisor offers more options to customers who demand greater autonomy in the selection of new investment funds for their portfolio, available from 10,000 euros, and in deciding the weight of the geographical areas in which the assets are invested.

Capital Advisor incorporates new ways to compose the investment, meeting the demand from investors who want to build an even more personalised portfolio.

Bankinter has reinforced Capital Advisor, the first wholly digital Spanish banking advisor which the Bank launched last October. Aimed at giving investors greater personalisation capacity, Capital Advisor now incorporates a new feature for selecting both the specific investment funds to include in the portfolio proposed by the online advisory service and the weight of the geographical areas in which the funds invest.

When a customer logs in to Capital Advisor, they simply define their investment goal and the advisor assigns them to an investor profile where they must then choose from the following options: 'Protect my savings', 'Balance profitability and money', 'See my money grow' and 'Maximise profitability'. Next, they enter the amount they want to invest and Capital Advisor proposes a fund portfolio based on their risk profile. The service proposes four types of portfolio: conservative, moderate, dynamic and aggressive.

Until now, three types of changes

Having chosen a portfolio, investors can then modify it. Until now, they could choose three types of change to personalise their investment. They could alter the exposure to equities, either by increasing or reducing it. They had the option of changing the composition of the equity portfolio, including geographical areas, even if at that point they were not recommended by the Analysis department, which is the part of the Bank that designs the portfolios based on more than 10 years of experience as a fund selector. And in fixed income, as with equity funds, investors could include asset types not initially included in the Capital Advisor proposal.

With the new feature, customers can now decide the weight they want to give to each geographical area in which the funds invest (Europe, United States, Japan, Global and Emerging). The same is true of fixed-income funds because customers can now choose to add types of funds not included in the initial recommendation and decide the weight to give to each of the three existing types: short-term fixed income, long-term and mixed funds.  They can also directly select the investment funds they want to include in their portfolio, over and above the configuration of geographical areas or asset types. This means that customers can replace a recommended fund with other available options, choosing from a broad selection of funds that the Analysis and Markets department has previously analysed.

Specifically, investors can choose from approximately 10 funds in each type and geographical area.

As a result, investors have a greater capacity to personalise their investment configuration. Capital Advisor is an innovative, 100% digital service for customers who want to invest in funds and build and modify their portfolio while retaining the last word regarding their investment, guided by the recommendations of Bankinter's Analysis and Markets department.


Recommendations and simulation of yield scenarios

In this configuration the different change options have now been enriched with the new feature for adding specific funds beyond categories. Investors always have the last word in composing their investment after receiving a series of recommendations from Capital Advisor. They can also simulate yield scenarios based on long-term estimates, although the projections do not take into account any unforeseen events.

The list of funds available to add to the portfolio is based on a pre-selection made by Bankinter's Analysis and Markets department, which has more than 10 years of experience in selecting this type of asset. The department is also the author of the different Capital Advisor recommendations.


Comparative analysis with other funds

The digital advisor also provides customers with a comparative analysis between the portfolio they want to purchase and the funds they own at other entities. They simply have to add the data for their other funds, either automatically or manually, and Capital Advisor will generate an objective comparison.

A minimum investment of 10,000 euros

The Capital Advisor service is only available to Bankinter customers who want to invest at least 10,000 euros. Thereafter, regular contributions can be set up from as little as 100 euros. The digital advisor has performed well since its launch and is expected to become a strong player in attracting investment from customers.