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Bankinter will analyse the current market situation at its annual Stock Market Forum, which will take place online and will be open to all investors

The event will be held on Thursday 20 October at the Madrid Stock Exchange building, will be open to the public to attend, and will be streamed online for all investors.

Different expertos from the bank will offer their views on stock-market developments and investment opportunities in the current environement, and will discuss the latest tools to get started with equities.

Next Thursday, on 20 October, Bankinter is holding its now traditional Stock Market Forum, which will be held at the Madrid Stock Exchange headquarters and is open to the public to attend upon invitation, and will be livestreamed for all investors.

The event, which has been organised in partnership with Bolsas y Mercados Españoles (BME), will start at 19.00 pm and has been designed to introduce investors and anyone looking to take their first steps in the investment world to all of the current key issues in the economic world and in the equity markets.

The Stock Market Forum, which will have "Heading North" as its strapline this year, will focus on analysing how all of the uncertainties in the current climate are affecting equity portfolios, such as the energy crisis, high inflation (which is forcing central banks around the world to take action) or the war in Ukraine, as well as other factors. As such, different experts, such as Ramón Forcada, Bankinter Head of Analysis, will offer their views on market developments and will provide an overview of the bank's investment strategy for the months ahead.

In addition, managers from the bank's Equity division will provide attendees with training on how to use the latest Bankinter Broker tools so that they can invest as efficiently as possible, taking the most well-informed decision.

The Stock Market Forum will include an introduction and welcome by Isabel García, Bankinter Head of Funds and Securities, and will also feature speeches by Gloria Ortiz, Head of Commercial Retail Banking at Bankinter, and by managers from BME, which is partnering with Bankinter on the event, and from the Bankinter Innovation Foundation, which will tell attendees about future trends that are taking shape today.

A highly volatile environment.

The current highly volatile environment has caused downturns of nearly 20% on the German, French and Italian stock markets this year, and a slightly lower decline on the Ibex of 15%. The falls on the American market, particularly when focus is placed on the technology sector, are between 20% and 30%. In short, it is a complicated scenario which becomes even trickier if the fall in bond prices, triggered by rate hikes, is thrown into the mix.

The average decline in portfolios deposited with Bankinter has been much lower, -5% over the year, due to the larger position in energy companies and the concentration in Spanish securities.

According to activity data from the Bankinter Broker, the major volatility and improved performance of the Spanish Stock Market has resulted in a sharp downturn in transactions on international markets, with approximately 11% fewer customers trading in these markets, and 2% less cash traded, compared to a rise of 10% in cash traded in the domestic market compared to 2021.

The entire event can be streamed and is open to all investors. Simply sign up in advance using the following link ¡Inscríbete en el Fórum Bolsa 2022 de Bankinter! | Blog Bankinter