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Bankinter launches an advertising campaign highlighting the groundbreaking nature of the new Dual Mortgage and its advantages as a unique financial product | Bankinter Corporate Website
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Bankinter launches an advertising campaign highlighting the groundbreaking nature of the new Dual Mortgage and its advantages as a unique financial product

  • The bank resumes its commitment to "society's progress" from its previous campaign, highlighting the advantages of an innovative product, tailored to the current situation and each customer's needs.

  • With the Dual Mortgage, Bankinter is launching a new loan category that combines the benefits of fixed- and variable-rate mortgages.

This weekend Bankinter launched a new advertising campaign that continues the one started in May of this year and with which it is seeking to highlight the bank's contribution to society's progress. This time, the bank is focusing its message of progress on the launch of a new mortgage financing product, never seen previously in the market, with Bankinter once again setting a milestone in financial innovation.


The campaign went live this Sunday with a television advert in 30- and 20-second formats in which this innovative product is presented under the umbrella of "an idea of ​​progress", because progress is also that Bankinter is once again breaking the rules with an idea as groundbreaking as the one represented by this mortgage.


The campaign will feature prominently in premium time slots on the leading national and themed channels. The bank will will also focus on radio, not only with adverts but also with live mentions in which the benefits of the "Dual Mortgage" will be communicated. A powerful digital campaign will also go live, with the two-fold goal of being highly educational and centred on customer capture, and where the focus will be on showing how a product which offers the customer the possibility of choosing without giving up the model of mortgage that most interests them works.


A unique mortgage.


With the launch of the Dual Mortgage Bankinter is introducing a new category of loan that combines the benefits of the fixed- and variable-rate mortgage and in which, unlike the mixed mortgage, both interest rates coexist throughout the loan's lifespan.  


The Dual Mortgage allows customers to define from the loan's outset what percentage of the mortgage will operate on a variable-rate basis and what part will run on a fixed-rate basis, each with its respective specific features. More precisely, the percentage of principal under the fixed-rate component will be repaid at a fixed interest rate over the life of the loan, while the variable component will be repaid in the usual way for this type of mortgage: with a fixed starting rate for the first 12 months of the loan and, thereafter, an annually-reviewable rate pegged to the Euribor plus a spread established by the bank. The sum of both amounts will make up the monthly instalment of the Dual Mortgage.


The Dual Mortgage allows the customer to protect part of their debt against rising interest rates (fixed tranche), while at the same time benefitting from possible rate reductions thanks to the variable tranche.


Throughout the life of the loan, the customer may repay their mortgage either only in the variable section or only in the fixed section, or both sections in proportion to the outstanding debt at that time. Thanks to this possibility the customer will be able to balance the percentage of capital owed in variable mode and in fixed mode.


In short, this is a groundbreaking product that represents clear "progress" in the field of mortgage financing and whose advantages are reflected in this new advertising campaign for which Bankinter has once again teamed up with Sioux meet Cyranos as a creative agency,  Pixel & Pixel as a digital agency and Havas as a media agency


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