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Bankinter Investment launches the first delegated management fund for alternative assets, starting at 10,000 euros

With a successful seven-year track record in the field of alternative investments, Bankinter Investment set up a new management company in November with the aim of consolidating its position as the largest savings manager in Spain for this type of investment.

Bankinter Investment SGEIC, the new alternative investment fund manager, launches its first fund, Bankinter Alternative Investment I VCF. This fund will give investors willing to delegate the management of their investment access to a wide range of alternative investments, hitherto restricted to high net worth or institutional investors due to their large entry amounts. 


The creation of the new management company under the new regulatory framework established in Law 18/2022, of 28 September, on the creation and growth of companies, means that Bankinter customers will be able to access, with entry amounts starting at 10,000 euros, investment opportunities in the real economy selected by the management company in collaboration with its sector expert partners.


The bank's Wealth Management customers will continue to have access to the different investment vehicles being launched, while at the same time being able to invest in this new format of delegated management.


The fund may invest in assets from sectors as varied as renewable energy, infrastructure, logistics, student residences, hotels, shopping malls, technology or venture capital, among others.


The fund seeks to diversify its investments throughout assets that offer a stable, regular return, with protection against inflation and without sacrificing the potential for long-term capital appreciation.


This type of investment is characterised by a lower correlation with the financial markets and economic cycles, if in exchange for longer terms and greater illiquidity. At the same time, the fund seeks to optimise risk-return trade-offs by aiming for an adequate diversification and balance of household savings.


It is also worth noting that, channelling household savings, these investments have a great impact in creating value and wealth, contributing to job creation and economic development in multiple sectors.


The new management company will keep the model followed so far by Bankinter Investment in its alternative investment activities:  assets with stable and predictable income generation in the long term, specialised partners in each type of investment, rigorous monitoring of all investments, and the co-investment of Bankinter Investment SAU and its sector expert partners, which implies a clear alignment of interests with the rest of investors.


Since 2016, Bankinter Investment has successfully launched 20 alternative investment vehicles with capital committed by investors in excess of €4 billion which, including associated financing, currently represents a portfolio of assets under management of over €7 billion and which will approach €10 billion once all the vehicles are fully funded. Dividends and divestments made to investors to date amount to €810 million, including the divestment of the first renewable investment vehicle launched in 2017 (Helia I) where investors more than doubled the value of their investment within 4.5 years. Investments over the last seven years have focused on sectors as diverse as renewable energies, student residences, hotels, real estate, infrastructure, technology, office buildings, retail space and venture capital.