Legal Notice

This legal notice governs use of the corporate website of BANKINTER, S.A. Browsing or using the corporate website implies full and unconditional acceptance of all provisions of this Legal Notice. Any matters not covered by this Legal Notice shall be governed by the general Legal Notice of Bankinter.
  • Purpose and content

    BANKINTER makes the content of the corporate website available to its shareholders, customers and users (the “Users”) to provide accurate, truthful and transparent corporate information, and to comply with its information, transparency and disclosure obligations under current legislation.

    Users may consult on this page, inter alia, documents relating to corporate governance, the Company’s bylaws and internal regulations, corporate and financial information, presentations to analysts and investors, information on BANKINTER shares, press releases, relevant corporate events (price sensitive information), corporate social responsibility content, internal regulations on professional ethics and conduct in the securities market, the annual report and auditor’s report, the general meeting announcement and motions to be submitted for approval at the general meeting.

    Shareholders may also use the website to request any information and clarifications they deem necessary regarding the contents of the website and the agenda of the general meeting, which will be made available to shareholders on the website. The requested information may be sent by e-mail or regular post to the address provided by the shareholder in their request.

    The Company may, via the website, or by e-mail or text message sent to the shareholder’s mobile phone, request proxy representation and proxy voting for the Annual General Meeting, in accordance with the law and the company’s own by-laws. Both the e-mail and the text message will be sent to the address and telephone number that the shareholder provided to the Bank.

    All Company communications to data subjects shall be recorded in electronic form.

  • Rules relating content

    The information contained on this website is valid as of the date of its last update. BANKINTER reserves the right to update, amend or take down any information or content available on this website, while at all times respecting the law when it comes to the disclosure and reporting of information.

    BANKINTER makes every effort to avoid any error in the content that appears on this site. BANKINTER accepts no liability for any differences that may exist between the documents published on paper and the electronic version published on this website. In the event of any discrepancy between the hard copy and the soft copy, the hard copy shall prevail.

    Under no circumstances may the presence, on this page, of financial information, press releases, opinions or other content be construed as a suggestion, invitation or recommendation of the same by BANKINTER. The User alone will be responsible and liable for the consequences of any purchasing or investment decision they may make in reliance on the information provided on this website.

    BANKINTER accepts no liability for the information contained on the websites of third parties that may be accessed via links or search engines located on this website.

  • Intellectual and industrial property

    The intellectual property rights over the content on this website, including the graphic design and codes, are owned by BANKINTER. You may not reproduce, distribute, publicly disclose or adapt this material, except for personal and private use. All trade names, trade marks and distinctive signs appearing on the websites of BANKINTER are protected by law.

  • Secure environment

    Transactional and other services that include the capture of personal data are performed in a secure environment. You can check that you are in a secure environment by looking for the closed padlock icon on the lower status bar.

    You may also look for the word ‘BANKINTER’ in the upper status bar to confirm that you are on a genuine Bankinter web page.

  • Information on technical and safety aspects

    BANKINTER accepts no liability for any damage or loss that may arise from interference, omissions, interruptions, computer viruses, telephone breakdowns or disconnections in the operational functioning of this electronic system, resulting from causes beyond its control; for any delays or blockages in the use of this electronic system caused by faults or overloads of telephone lines or overloads affecting the Bank’s data processing centre, the Internet, or other electronic systems; nor shall it be liable for any damage or loss caused by third parties through illegitimate interference in the chosen system beyond the Bank’s control.

    BANKINTER accepts no liability for the proper and timely receipt of text messages or e-mail, and nor does it guarantee the time or date of their receipt on the Customer’s computer or device (mobile phone, e-mail client or alerts system), as the delivery is made through third parties (telephone operators or the Customer’s Internet service provider) and it is impossible for Bankinter to verify that the necessary conditions exist for the proper and timely receipt of the messages or e-mails when it sends them.

    BANKINTER informs the User that it cannot guarantee the security, authenticity and integrity of e-mails sent to their e-mail account. As they are sent through a non-secure communication environment, the integrity of their content cannot be guaranteed. In the event of any discrepancies between the content of e-mails received by the User and those saved by BANKINTER on its servers as having been sent, the latter shall prevail.