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Bankinter achieved a net profit of 200.8 million euros in the first quarter, an increase of 8.7%, with solid growth in all its lines of business and all countries

Return on equity (RoE) consolidated at 17.4%, while RoTE was 18.4%. The efficiency ratio improved to 35.3% and the CET1 fully-loaded capital ratio increased to 12.5%, 466 basis points above the minimum required of Bankinter by the ECB..

The bank's balance sheet shows growth that outpaces the sector: lending (+5%), retail funds (+6%) and off-balance-sheet managed funds (investment and pension funds and wealth management/SICAVs) which grew by 18.2%..

Bankinter shows strength in all account margins: net interest income grew by 10.6%; gross income, which groups all revenues, by 6.9%; and operating income before provisions by 7.6%.


Bankinter launches a new advertising campaign to highlight the advantages and profitability of its accounts

Titled “Your money works for you”, the new campaign will launch on prime-time TV on Sunday 14 April.

The spot presents the advantages of Bankinter's digital account, the only from a listed bank that yields up to 1.5% AER with no time or balance limit; and the salary account, that yields up to €680 the first two years.


Bankinter reaches 1.5 billion euros in less than five months with the Bankinter Premium Renta Fija investment fund

  • It's become the Bank's third biggest fund in terms of the volume of assets.

  • At the end of last October, the Bank launched a fund designed by Bankinter Asset Management to offer customers with an option with potential.

Bankinter and Liberty Seguros enter into a new bancassurance partnership

The two entities will promote innovation and market automobile and homeowners' insurance through all Bankinter channels and networks in Spain and Portugal, including EVO Banco.

The insurance company's innovation capacity and international footprint in Bankinter's markets were key factors behind the agreement.

Liberty will own 50.01% of the new company and Bankinter the remaining 49.99%.

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