About Bankinter

Our Brand

At Bankinter we think differently because our definition of brand goes beyond what you can see. It is:

  • - The promise of an experience: A unique experience rooted in the quality of what we do and how we do it.
  • - The source of our identity, of what we are and of what makes us different.
  • - The emotional and rational “contract” we establish with our various audiences.

Being exceptional on a daily basis is crucial for Bankinter. That is why we are Spain’s most pioneering bank. We were the first to set up Internet banking, the first to bring banking to mobile phones, and the first to send text messages to confirm card payments. It is by being exceptional on a daily basis that we have come this far and that will allow us to stay one step ahead of everyone as we move forward.

Our values

Being exceptional everyday. Our brand spirit is our driven force, what we have been, what we are now and what we must be again tomorrow.


We are and we must be more decisive, quicker and more efficient than other banks.


We innovate with energy and spirit to improve ourselves.


Honesty in the way of thinking and acting. Responsible for the impact of our actions on society.


We seek to be unique and propose something original. We think and we act differently.

A recognised, consolidated trademark

The Bankinter trademark has been acknowledged by some of the most renowned trademark institutions in the world. Not only did they recognise the correct development and management of the bank's image, but the willingness to explore other than conventional routes and enable a distinct, successful banking model.

Our spirit

It is essential for Bankinter to be exceptional every day. It is what enables us to be the pioneer bank of reference in Spain. We were the first to create Internet banking, the first to introduce mobile banking and the first to send text messages to confirm card payments. By being exceptional every day, we have got where we are now, and will continue to be one step ahead of the rest in the future

With specialiced companies that add value to help generate profit.

Our commitments

We know it is difficult to choose. That's why we want to make our commitments to you in writing.