Sustainable banking


The 'D' of Differentiation. At Bankinter, we constantly strive to stand out through innovative solutions backed by cutting-edge technologies, offering recognized service quality and advanced people management. These pillars distinguish us as an entity with unique differential values in the market.

"A bank for everyone" project

Bankinter sees people with disabilities as a priority group for developing this project. Its objective is to make all its channels as accessible as possible, removing physical, technological and knowledge-related barriers and incorporating disability into the Bank's value chain.

The Bank is also aware of trends in society such as the gradual ageing of the population, related to increased life expectancy and low birth rates in Spain. This translates into a greater degree of dependency in the population, and therefore greater demand for accessibility.

Physical accessibility

In order to respond to this growing need, the Bank has implemented a Universal Accessibility Management System (UAMS) with the clear commitment to making available to everyone having dealings with the Bank, regardless of abilities, facilities and measures that provide an environment in which Bankinter's services are accessible to all.

His system has been certified under the  Spanish AENOR UNE 70001 Universal Physical Accessibility standard

Bankinter also offers several accessible services, such as the card with contact details in Braille for operating by telephone and the monthly statement in large print and audio formats. Of the Bank's branches, 99.5% are accessible to people with impaired mobility, and technical devices are being installed to facilitate listening and reading, such as magnetic loops for users of hearing aids and magnifying glasses for long-sighted people.

The premises area's works manual includes accessibility criteria to which any new building or renovation carried out in the branch network must conform.

Bankinter accessibility

By developing the remote channels and implementing the best technology, the Bank aims to provide a service accessible to all customers everywhere.

ICT is a key factor in promoting integration, since it enables many activities to be carried out with minimal interaction with the physical environment, opening up great possibilities for normalisation of daily life and access to the world of finance. The Bank promotes e-accessibility, which it sees as a way of breaking down barriers, in both hardware and software, which prevent a large group of people with physical, intellectual or sensory disabilities, as well as elderly people, from accessing the technology.

Training programme for financial integration

As part of its "A bank with no small print" programme, Bankinter aims to facilitate access to common banking transactions for people who have previously had to rely on others in order to interact with banks because of their disability.

The aim is to facilitate access and make this routine part of their autonomous, independent day-to-day lives. This is the objective pursued both by the training course on basic banking concepts for persons with hearing difficulties and the four-module training programme on common banking concepts and operations for persons with intellectual disabilities.