Sustainable banking


The 'A' of responsible action. It focuses on the ethical management of the bank and its commitment to responsible and transparent business practices.

Strategic Lines

Corporate governance

Corporate Governance is the set of principles and rules that dictate how to design, integrate and run the entity's governing bodies, establishing how the entity should be operated, regulated and controlled. At Bankinter, the Board of Directors and the Sustainability and Appointments Committee are the competent bodies to establish and ensure compliance with the Sustainability Policy.

Ethics and transparency

Development of business practices that foster an environment of integrity, responsibility, and compliance in all dimensions of the organization, promoting the alignment of incentives and recognition of ethical behavior at all levels.

Human rights

Based on its Human Rights Policy, Bankinter aims to continue implementing a comprehensive program that ensures respect for and promotion of human rights in all activities and business relationships of the organization, aligned with best practices in the field.

Supply chain

Bankinter has a supplier relationship model based on collaboration, clarity, transparency, and access to complete and accurate information. The entity establishes a single purchasing procedure for all Group companies and ensures transparency, free competition, equality, and efficiency in all actions. Bankinter has a Supplier Code of Conduct, which constitutes the set of basic principles of action and standards of professional conduct that must govern the performance of all its suppliers and enshrines the ethical values that have traditionally guided relations with them.

The code aims to ensure that all its suppliers and subcontracted companies comply with the provisions of the United Nations Global Compact, promote sustainable development, safeguard human rights, observe labor regulations, and promote environmental protection, among other aspects. In short, it is about ensuring that suppliers share and respect the ethical values ​​that guide the behavior of the Group and its employees. Additionally, in the supplier approval process, a procedure has been established to categorize key suppliers based on environmental and social criteria, which have been added to the traditional criteria of price and product quality, supplier solvency, labor risks, and safety. Furthermore, a social clause has been added to the framework contract signed by all suppliers, in addition to the environmental clause.

Refer to the Supplier Code of Ethics.