Bankinter Innovation Foundation

Bankinter Innovation Foundation

For a better future

The mission of the Bankinter Innovation Foundation is to promote innovation the creation of sustainable wealth in Spain and Portugal through innovation and entrepreneurship.

To achieve this mission, its activities can be divided into the following programmes:

  • Future Trends Forum (FTF), an international think tank as part of which experts from around the world identify and analyse innovative trends that will affect the society of tomorrow.
  • Akademia, which brings universities closer to experience in the field of innovation.
  • Emprendedores, which invests in technological startups with high potential in the seed stage.
  • Cre100do, which accompanies mediumsized enterprises in their growth.

Created in 2003, the Bankinter Innovation Foundation pursues excellence in all its activities, obtaining the following acknowledgements in 2018:

  • The Go to Think tank at the University of Pennsylvania placed the Future Trends Forum as amongst the best innovation and technology think tanks in the world, and the best in Spain.
  • Newspaper, La Razón, awarded Cre100do with the prize for best Best Accelerator. on account its support growing companies with billing between €50 and €300 million.

The Foundation has its own Board of Trustees, with only 18% of its members having a direct relation with Bankinter itself. It is comprised of 22 international trustees chosen for their experience in innovation.

Bankinter Innovation FoundationBoard of Trustees


Future Trends Forum

Future Trends Forum

Future Trends Forum Future Trends Forum

It is a unparalleled multidisciplinary and international think tank that is focussed on innovation. It anticipates and detects innovation trends, analysing their impact on society and future business models.

Once the trend to be addressed is selected, the most relevant themes and national and international experts are identified who will help face the challenges posed.

Each trend is contemplated from different perspectives, which are debated in depth at a face-to-face meeting in Madrid.

Its conclusions are addressed in forward studies that provide a multidisciplinary vision of each trend, in addition to the contributions of experts.

The most recent trends analysed at the FTF include:

Longevity. Consequences of an ageing population on the company and society, in addition to opportunities it proposes in terms of innovation, with 10 tasks to help in the transition towards a world in which we live for longer.

Disruptive cities. Evolution of cities over the coming decade, on account of new disruptive technologies, which are changing the urban environment (autonomous vehicles, smart infrastructures, Big Data) and promote making life easier and more efficient for citizens; nonetheless, they pose new security challenges and another series of risks.

Commercialisation of space. New public and private initiatives, from communication and observation products to manufacturing in microgravity or space tourism, to name but a few.

The Future Trends Forum community is made up of 562 experts. Amongst the new additions in 2018, worth particular note are:

Miguel López-Alegría. An astronaut with 20 years of experience at NASA. He completed three missions on the space shuttle and two on Soyuz. The Chairman of the Commercial Spaceflight Federation, the organisation that promotes leadership in the aerospace sector, promoting technological innovation and encouraging young people to study science and engineering. He also heads MLASpace, his own consultancy firm to commercialise space.

Khoo Teng Chye. Chief Executive Officer at the Centre for Liveable Cities, under the Ministry of National Development of Singapore. He oversees the development of sustainable urban development in this city, one of the most advanced in the world.

Anita Roth. Director of Policy Research at Airbnb. Her work focuses on assessing the impacts and benefits of this platform's business model in cities around the world.

In 2018, FTF held different events, including those dedicated to:

  • Cyber security, with Miguel Rego, in Valencia (April).
  • Longevity, with Rafael Puyol y Luis Castillo, in Madrid (May).
  • Disruptive Cities, with Natalia de Esteban, in Madrid (November).
  • Space, the next frontier, with Charles Bolden, in Madrid (November).
  • Development of blockchain, with Pablo Fernández Butragueño, in Bilbao, San Sebastián, Santander and Lleida.

What's more, in May, an event was held in Lisbon, at which Antonio Damasio, a trustee at the Foundation, expressed his opinions on the present and future of neuroscience.

More than 1,400 people participated at FTF events last year.



This programme transfers innovation experience to university students in Spain, based on the conviction that innovation is not a result of coincidence rather a constant process of learning and analysis of the environment.

In 2018, the two approaches developed by Akademia were:

Akademia You Project

Akademia Business Project


Akademia You. Course on innovation at the best Spanish universities, where students work and debate about key trends in innovating and generating value, in addition to developing their own business idea with their peers. In 2017-2018, 171 participants took part in Akademia You, with the rate of recommendation standing at 94.9%. A further 163 have enrolled for 2018-2019.

Business Akademia. Course dedicated to the main innovation trends and methodologies to help professionals develop an innovative project and implement it at their companies. Over the course of 2018, it was taken by 25 employees from Bankinter and 33 from Línea Directa, who learned about disruptive business models, digital technologies, cyber security and the future of money. The recommendation rate of the course is more than 85%.

The Foundation made significant efforts last year to increase the Akademia teaching staff, which is currently made up of 88 experts from different fields, including university professors and businesspeople with vast experience.



It is a joint programme between the Bankinter Innovation Foundation and Bankinter Venture Capital to support highpotential entrepreneurship during the startup phases. In 2018, it received 390 projects, of which 1.79% received investment. The requirements to participate on the programme are as follows:

  • The promoters must be committed full time to the project.
  • At least part of the equipment or facilities are located in Spain and/or Portugal.
  • It must have a clear international orientation.
  • Projects must have an initial level of development and initial metrics of use and/or billing.
  • Products and services must be innovative and respond to a problem or satisfy a need.
  • They must be forecast to have exponential and scalable growth.

Seven companies joined the Emprendedores programme in 2018:

Mr. Noow. App which makes it possible to consult menus and order from an establishment remotely. Baggage transport service from the user's hotel, office or home address to the airport.

Triporate. platform for corporate travel.

Laagam. Women's fashion startup oriented towards the affordable luxury segment.

Frenetic. Technology to design magnetic components using smart intelligence techniques.

Mondo. Digital brokerage specialising in insurance travel.

Declarando. Online tax adviser specialising in self-employed individuals, performing accounts and tax management activities with the help of a virtual adviser.



This programme, which contributes to the development of a productive model based on companies that are bigger, more innovative, more internationalised and add more value, continued developing its activities with the 98 participating companies and contributed its process of selecting new participants. Specifically, in 2018, 123 medium-sized enterprises were analysed, of which 26 received the invitation to join the programme and take an important step in quantitative and qualitative terms.

As was the case in previous years, more than 1,500 business managers were actively involved at Cree100do events, conferences and workshops, with experts in attendance from the following associate and collaborating institutions: AFI, AT Kearney, Corporate Excellence, Deloitte, ESADE, EY, Foro de Marcas Renombradas Españolas, Garrigues, IESE, IBM and Telefónica.

To spread the messages and learnings of Cre100do, seven videos were published with content from the conferences and events held:

  • Big Data: opportunity for the middle market.
  • Siemens: transformation of a big business.
  • Dialogue between BQ and Grupo Premo about ecosystems as a lever for growth.
  • Ecosystems, new paradigm for the creation of value.
  • Short-term economic trends.
  • Impact of technology on businesses.
  • Current geopolitical trends.

In the five years since Creedo's creation, more than one hundred participating companies, leaders in their industries and with excellent levels of performance, have been involved in the initiative; their aggregate billing comes to more than €12,000 million, with more than 60,000 workers and an average of 50% of their income comes from abroad.

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