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Strategy and innovation

Estrategia e innovación

Become the CFO of the future.

Discover the transformations you must carry out and the digital skills you must acquire to incorporate new responsibilities in your company, the future of your strategic function begins today.


Strategy and innovation | 28 Aug 2023

Financiers and uncertainty. How is it managed?

Seven CFOs from some of the country's leading companies analyse the findings of the second annual CFO Frontline Report based on their experience.
Strategy and innovation | 24 Jul 2023

CFOs fall in love, but do not get married. The emotional connection with their company.

Can emotions be measured? And engagement? Chief Financial Officers are appointed on the strength of their talent and technical solvency, but they stay for their love of the company.
Strategy and innovation | 10 Jul 2023

The CFO as a driver of growth.

Mergers, acquisitions, alliances and new collaboration formulas, such as the consortiums promoted by the European Funds, were unthinkable three years ago but today form part of daily life in the CFO's office.