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Strategy and innovation

Estrategia e innovación

Become the CFO of the future.

Discover the transformations you must carry out and the digital skills you must acquire to incorporate new responsibilities in your company, the future of your strategic function begins today.


Strategy and innovation | 28 Jun 2022

The CFO's evaluation: Needs improvement in technology and big data.

Technology, data management and investing in communication inside and outside the organisation are the main challenges faced by the figure of the CFO and the areas they need to focus on most.

Strategy and innovation | 01 Apr 2022

The natural evolution of the chief financial officer: from CFO to CEO.

Is the chief financial officer called upon one day be the company's CEO? That is the natural development for the CFOs who broaden their vision, equip themselves with better communication tools and reinforce their horizontal leadership within the company.
Strategy and innovation | 17 Mar 2022

The future of the CFO has already begun.

The “CFO Front Line Report” sketches a full portrait of the chief financial officer in Spanish companies and contains clues about the future that lies ahead of them.