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Strategy and innovation

How has digitalisation affected your working methods?

Domingo González, CFO at Insur, answers the question about how digitalisation has affected working methods.
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Domingo González
How has digitalisation affected your working methods?
Strategy and innovation
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02 Mar 2022
At Bankinter we want to hear first-hand about the concerns of CFOs. That is why we have interviewed some chief financial officers, and we have asked them to tell us about their motivations, their concerns, their interests.

Video transcript

At Insur, we started the process of digitalising the company several years before the start of the pandemic. Not only the financial department, but all departments.

The pandemic may have accelerated the process in different areas, but we had already started it beforehand.

Digitalisation involves being able to automate a lot of repetitive tasks with the consequent benefit of increased efficiency for the financial department and the reduction of potential errors when performing more manual tasks.