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Strategy and innovation

How is the finance department evolving?

In this case, Xavier Morales, chief fnancial officer at Rotecna, answers the question about how the finance department is evolving.
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Xavier Morales
How is the finance department evolving?
Strategy and innovation
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02 Mar 2022
At Bankinter we want to hear first-hand about the concerns of CFOs, so we interviewed some chief financial officers and asked them to tell us about what motivates them, what concerns them and what interests them.

Video transcript

The finance department is evolving in parallel with the digitalisation processes that corporates are currently undergoing.

In my view, finance departments have to work closely with the systems department to try and automate business processes as far as possible.

Lastly, it's vital that the finance department is involved in defining and designing the business intelligence models that provide everyone else in the organisation with data in a timely manner.

Is it important for departments to collaborate?

Collaboration with all the other departments is a critical aspect of this digitalisation process. The systems department, the finance department and all the other departments in the organisation must work closely together to design and implement the best business processes.