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CFO ante la incertidumbre
Strategy and innovation | 21 Aug 2023

Navigating in uncertainty: there is always a CFO in the cockpit.

Someone's intelligence can be measured by the quantity of uncertainties that he can bear”. By Kant's maxim, CFOs would break the frameworks of IQ tests.
Conexión emocional del CFO con su empresa
Strategy and innovation | 24 Jul 2023

CFOs fall in love, but do not get married. The emotional connection with their company.

Can emotions be measured? And engagement? Chief Financial Officers are appointed on the strength of their talent and technical solvency, but they stay for their love of the company.
CFO como motor de crecimiento
Strategy and innovation | 10 Jul 2023

The CFO as a driver of growth.

Mergers, acquisitions, alliances and new collaboration formulas, such as the consortiums promoted by the European Funds, were unthinkable three years ago but today form part of daily life in the CFO's office.
Función Director Financiero en España
Strategy and innovation | 29 Jun 2023

The image of the CFO: the image of the bad cop is coming to an end.

From controller to ally. CFOs cannot shrug off the stereotype of them being blockers and bearers of bad news. But the role of the CFO has been enriched within the organisation, with their offices becoming spaces for advice and planning, and for driving transformation and digitisation.
CFO Frontline Report 2023
Strategy and innovation | 08 Jun 2023

CFO Frontline Report 2023: the profession looks up.

The CFO is emerging as a key figure in organisations. An intelligent combination of prudence, anticipation and 360 vision that has been essential to weathering the perfect storm of the last three years.
Planificar sucesión de un CFO
Strategy and innovation | 19 Jan 2023

This is how the CFO succession plan is organised.

What differentiates a good chief financial officer from an outstanding one? Their succession plan
Red profesional CFO
Strategy and innovation | 29 Nov 2022

CFO and networking: the need to create a professional network.

The Chief Financial Officer feels the solitude of the goalkeeper before the penalty, as was said in the popular novel by Peter Handke The growing complexity of the role means it is now more necessary than ever to weave a professional network to support the Financial Director in their difficult mission.
CFO C-Level
Strategy and innovation | 18 Oct 2022

CFO: the most challenging - and exciting - role at the C-Level.

It's not easy to be a CFO. This function is becoming ever more complex and increasingly visible. As was explained at a CFO conference a few days ago: “every day we are given something new to do”.
Strategy and innovation | 15 Sep 2022

CIO and CFO: a fruitful relationship that must be nurtured every day.

The CFO and the CIO are called upon not only to collaborate but also to integrate their roles by bringing them closer together through a new, collegial and business-centric relationship. How can we make this collaboration more efficient and fruitful?