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The success of European Funds told by the protagonists.

Casos de éxito con los Fondos Europeos NGEU
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47:54 minutes
14 Aug 2023
Leading consortiums for Naval and Agri-food PERTEs, being energy-independent by using solar panels and manufacturing locomotives that overcome changes in track gauges... they all have something in common: they applied for European funds through Bankinter and the consultancy FI Group, which specialises in managing European aid and is involved in numerous individual and consortium applications.

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Good afternoon. My name is Emma Montserrat, head of Corporate Banking at Bankinter. I am also responsible for European funds. I'd like to welcome you and thank you for joining this webinar on success stories involving European funds told by the people involved. In this event, we want to show that Spanish companies can access European funds and to share the keys to making this happen in the best possible way.

We are going to do this by looking at the cases of four companies that are benefiting from these funds. We are joined in this by an expert from the consultancy FI Group, who will explain the situation of the PERTEs in which some of these companies are involved.

Bankinter was set up more than fifty years ago as an industrial bank. Since its inception, it has served the needs of Spanish companies. This continues to be our philosophy today. It is a philosophy based on growth through innovation. And that means innovation in absolutely everything we do: from our range of products and services to the way we work with our customers.

That is why we are making a strong commitment to share with you - through the framework of the CFO Forum - information, services and solutions that will help you face the situation we are living in today and the future that is in store for us, through interesting content that achieves an impact. This is why we are holding this webinar today. We think the content will be of the utmost relevance and interest for all companies with projects for the future that may be eligible for the multiple rounds of European funding.

As I mentioned, today we are joined by four representatives from companies that have managed to take advantage of the opportunities offered by Next Generation Funds, through the Agro PERTE, theNaval PERTE and the Renewable Energies PERTE.

We are joined by Miguel Ángel García Baquero, chief executive officer of Lácteas García Baquero;

Octavio Llinás, International Senior Advisor of Zamacona Yards; Alfonso Perez Carballo, General Manager of L. Pernía;

and Jorge Olmedo, chief financial officer of Día Ingeniería. We are also joined by Francisco Javier García Lozano, Business Leader for the central region from the consultancy FI Group, who knows about all of these projects.

The last will be first, like they say, so I'm going to start with you Curro. Before looking at each of the cases, can you give us a brief summary of the current situation with these European fund and some background for those attending this webinar.

Of course. Like you say the last will be first, and this is still at a good time for companies to organise their activity and their investment. There are opportunities to apply for and get Next Gen funds. Let me start with some ballpark figures to give you a snapshot of where we are with the funds.

Brussels has committed 70 billion euros to Spain through a range of financial instruments. A total of 42 billion out of the 70 billion was committed in 2021 and 2022. The remaining 28 billion will arrive in 2023 to complete this package. This is a commitment. These funds will be delivered, they are already being delivered in fact. Invitations are being published by ministries. There will be a great race for funds in 2023 and 2024 in which companies will still be able to apply for Next Gen funds.

Being more specific and looking at the PERTEs published to date, I have to say that they have been something of a first in terms of projects of this type and complexity. And that is true for the administration and the companies involved, and for consulting firms. The first example was the VEC 1.0 PERTE, which was issued in December and provided something of a learning experience for what is being replicated in other PERTEs. For example, FI Group managed the two main electric vehicle PERTEs that received the most funding. As I said, these were learning experiences that we replicated in the next two PERTEs: the Naval PERTE, for which we have some representatives here; and the Agro PERTE, which was the last to close. on March the fifteenth. From here...