Protect you personal details
Be particularly careful with pages which ask for personal details.
try to avoid giving details such as credit card numbers, bank account numbers, etc.
The details you are asked for to register should be appropriate for the service to be offered by the website, and you should avoid giving details which could later be used by third parties for fraudulent ends.
Protect your cards
These are the rules to follow when you use your credit ir debit card on the Internet:
 -only use your card in trustworthy businesses.
 -do not enter your credit card number in those pages that request it on the pretext of checking you are not under age.
 -never give your secret number. Also, do not provide any more personal details than necessary.
 -always check that it is using 'encrypted' to send the information.
To do this, check that a yellow padlock appears in the lower part of your browser.
 -check with your bank that the charges received correspond to the purchases made.