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Account Top-Up : Further information

Account Top-up service.Arrange transfers to Spain in a few seconds.Save money and time;top-up your Bankinter account using our new online service.
The Account Top-Up Service is a great way of paying euros into your Bankinter account in Spain, using your home bank debit or credit card.
We will provide you with a live exchange rate from your local currency and tell you exactly how many euros you will receive. At present, you can use the service if you need to convert one of the following currencies into euros: British pound (GBP), Norwegian kroner (NOK), Swedish krona (SEK), Danish krone (DDK) and Swiss franc (CHF).
This service is ideal for keeping your Bankinter account topped-up with sufficient euros to cover ongoing expenses in Spain, such as mortgage payment, community fees, utility direct debits, etc, irrespective of whether you are in Spain or not.
The Account Top-Up Service is quick and easy to use, convenient and cheaper than your local high street bank, thanks to our competitive rates of exchange.

How does it work?

You will firstly be prompted to logon to your existing Bankinter online banking and select the account that you want the euros to be paid into.
1.Currency and amount
Select the currency of your domestic debit or credit card and enter the amount that you wish to transfer. A live exchange rate will be displayed, confirming the amount of euros that you will receive.
2.Bankinter destination account details
Confirm that you are sending your euros to the correct account. You can enter a reference for the transaction and an email address to which the transaction receipt will be sent.
The date your euros are expected to arrive in your Bankinter account will be displayed (2-3 working days).
The exact amount of money to be debited from your domestic debit/credit card, including any card and transfer fees, will be displayed. You will be asked to confirm the details of the transaction before proceeding.
Finally a receipt with your reference number will be displayed to confirm the transaction has been completed successfully. If you have provided an email address, a copy of this receipt will be emailed to you.