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Web Correspondence: Description of service

Web Correspondence is a service that Bankinter places at your disposal to facilitate the access to all your banking documents via the Internet rather than receiving them by post at your home address.
If the your inbox is always full due to the correspondences, at Bankinter we offer you the possibility of accessing your statements from anywhereinmediately and free of charge. Save time and free yourself from paper with the Web Correspondence service.
Benefits of Bankinter web correspondence
- Confidentiality:as you won’t receive information regarding your accounts in your e-mail inbox.
- Immediacy: you will able to consult, print or save statements and direct debits from your computer as soon as they are issued, without having to wait to receive them physically at your home address.
- Environmental responsibility:we reduce paper consumption and thus help preserve our trees.
General information regarding web correspondence
You will be able to consult, save or print your bank receipts and extractsfrom any location and as needed.
1.From theconsultation of your account transactions:you will have access to the direct debits charged and the deposit receipts.
From the consultation of your account transactions you will have access to the direct debits charged and the deposit receipts.
2.From Statements and direct debits: you will be able to locate any document.
From statements and direct debits, you will be able to locate any document.
These documents can be accessed by both account holders and legal representatives. The Web Correspondence service is applied to all the accounts in which you are the main holder.
Documents printed by you have the same legal validityas those sent to your home by Bankinter.
The documents are in PDF format, so in order to view them, or even to save them in your computer, you only need to have the free distribution programme Acrobat Reader (version 5.0 or better) installed.If you do not yet have it installed, you can download it from this link:
You will be able to change the mode of sending correspondence at any timeand it will be effective starting on the day following the change request.