Definition: these deposits are designed for investors with a conservative profile who are looking for maximum profitability without assuming the risk of variable income.

With our structured deposits:

you invest in a product in the medium term.
your initial capital is guaranteed.
link the profitability to the evolution of one of the stock exchange indexes or to the market value of a share or basket of shares.

Subscription period: structured deposits have a unique subscription period and cannot be contracted once this period is ended. It will end either at the anticipated date or when the subscriptions have reached the total guarantee amount.
NameTermSubscription periodMaturity date 
DEPÓSITO SANTANDER - IBERDROLA 17.2735 days24/02/2017  29/03/201704/04/2019
DEPOSITO SOCIETE GENERALE-TOTAL 17.1733 days13/01/2017  22/02/201726/02/2019
DEPOSITO GZDO IBERDROLA - R. DUTCH 16.45731 days13/12/2016  12/01/201714/01/2019
DEPOSITO GZDO BBVA - REPSOL 16.44732 days11/11/2016  09/12/201614/12/2018
DEPOSITO GZDO ENEL-SOCIETE 16.43733 days26/10/2016  10/11/201614/11/2018
DEPOSITO GARANTIZADO ITX-UNA-SAN 16.42551 days16/09/2016  13/10/201618/04/2018
DEPOSITO GARANT REP ORA 16.41551 days19/08/2016  15/09/201621/03/2018
DEPÓSITO GZDO BBVA TOTAL 16.40551 days22/07/2016  18/08/201621/02/2018
DEPÓSITO GZDO DIGITAL 16.39551 days30/06/2016  21/07/201624/01/2018
DEPOSITO GZDO DIGITAL 38552 days30/05/2016  30/06/201604/01/2018
DEPOSITO GARANTIZADO DIGITAL 37550 days04/05/2016  01/06/201604/12/2017
DEPOSITO GZO DIGITAL 36552 days13/04/2016  11/05/201615/11/2017
DEPOSITO GARANTIZADO DIGITAL 35552 days24/03/2016  26/04/201631/10/2017
DEPOSITO GARANTIZADO DIGITAL 34552 days23/02/2016  23/03/201627/09/2017
DEPÓSITO GZDO DIGITAL 33547 days26/01/2016  23/02/201624/08/2017
DEPÓSITO GZDO DIGITAL 32550 days21/12/2015  21/01/201625/07/2017
DEPOSITO GZDO DIGITAL 31549 days27/11/2015  17/12/201519/06/2017
DEPOSITO GARANTIZADO DIGITAL 30549 days28/10/2015  26/11/201529/05/2017
DEPOSITO GZDO DIGITAL 29546 days02/10/2015  29/10/201528/04/2017
DEPOSITO GZDO DIGITAL 28549 days10/09/2015  01/10/201503/04/2017
DEPOSITO GZDO SANTANDER REPSOL1096 days26/11/2014  11/12/201412/12/2017
DEPOSITO GARANTIZADO IBEX DIGITAL1096 days25/02/2014  27/03/201428/03/2017