The information shown on this notice board complies with stipulations regarding the transparency of banking transactions and client protection , by virtue of the following regulations:

- Legal Order of December 12th, 1989 (BOE December 19th, 1989)
- Bank of Spain Circular No. 8/1990 of September 7th, (BOE September 20th, 1990), and all subsequent Circulars to amend it.
- Legal Order of May 5th, 1994 (BOE of May 11th, 1994)
- Spanish Act 7/1995 of March 23rd (BOE of March 25th, 1995)
- Legal Order of October 25th , 1995 (BOE of 1st and 2nd November 1995)
- Circular of the Spanish National Securities Market Commission 1/96 of March 27th, (BOE of April 9th, 1996)
- Spanish Act 9/1999 of 12th April (BOE of 13th April 1988).
- Legal Order of 16th November 2000 (BOE of 25th November 2000).
- Bank of Spain Circular No. 3/2001 of 24th September (BOE of 9th October 2001).
An offer with the specific conditions applicable to a cross border transfer order of those regulated in Spanish Act 9/1999 of April 12th, whose destination and currency have been specified by the client can be obtained, unless Bankinter does not wish to perform the operation.

Binding offers ("ofertas vinculantes") for personal loans and mortgage products referred to in the aforementioned Spanish Act 7/1995 and Legal Order of May 5th, 1994 may be freely requested.

   The following information will be at the public's disposal at all times in any of our branches as well as on our web page and can be sent by mail to those clients who so request:

- Rates applicable to the active operations.
- Brochure concerning rates and valuation standards attributable to the clients, with the general conditions applicable to the transfer of funds abroad appearing therein in a separate section. This leaflet is also available on the Bankinter web page and can be consulted at the following address:
- Modifications of the interest rates, commissions or chargeable expenses in contracts of indefinite duration, in addition to modifications of interest rates of bonds issued at a variable interest rate.
-Exchange rates, minimal purchase price and maximum sale price that will be applied when the amount does not exceed 3,005.06 euros, to the following operations:
  1. Currency exchange: foreign exchange dealing in euros, for over the counter operations or derived from foreign currency transfer orders abroad.
  2. Currency exchange (cash): purchase of foreign currency with euros.

- Free information brochure concerning mortgage loans stated in the Legal Order of May 5th, 1994 (BOE of May 11th, 1994).
- Rates concerning the most common operations determined by the that the Spanish National Securities Market Commission.
- Information brochures concerning the issuances and IPO's where Bankinter is in charge of the placement and/or Financial Service.
- Information brochure concerning the different Collective Investment Institutions that the bank commercializes.
- Samples of contracts types to perform the following operations:
  1. Portfolio management.
  2. Securities deposit.
  3. Buying and selling transactions with a repurchase agreement for financial instruments traded in secondary markets when their amount is less than 60,101.21 euros.
  4. Instruments traded in account entries in the Public Debt Market.
   BANKINTER places major importance on the quality of the service given to its clients.
For this reason and to make it easy to process any complaints that may arise, it is pleased to offer to its clients the following services:

1. Bankinter's Telephone Banking Service

2. The Customer Care service*:
C / Avda. Bruselas, 12 - 28108 - Alcobendas (Madrid)
Phone: (+34) 901 113 113 - Fax: (+34) 916 234 421

3. And if you wish you may address yourself to:
D. José Luis Gómez-Dégano y Ceballos-Zúñiga
C/ Miguel Ángel 23, 1º. Apartado 14.019 28010 MADRID
Phone: (+34)91 429 56 61 - Fax nº (+34)91 429 2319

If the solution you are offered is not to your satisfaction, the client will be able to raise the incident with the Bank of Spain's Complaints Service, as web as with the Spanish National Securities Market Commission's Complaints Service for operations concerning matters of competition.

(*) This service ensures that clients are given a solution to their problem within approximately two working days.