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    1. Applicable legislations and legal jurisdiction

    In general, BANKINTER, S.A.'s client relationships derived from the products and services provided on this website are subject to Spanish law and the Spanish Courts shall have jurisdiction.

    2. Registration as a BANKINTER Client

    The User is hereby informed and accepts that delivery of a registration form in order to sign up as a BANKINTER Client or a request to hire any of the products or services in this web site shall not imply, in any way whatsoever, that a business relationship is established with BANKINTER, S.A. [insofar as all the requirements established by BANKINTER, S.A., pursuant to current regulations, are not met]The User is hereby notified that the products and services currently available on this website are directed solely and exclusively at Spanish residents or at persons requesting them in Spain. Therefore, notwithstanding the language of this website, it shall not be interpreted as an offer made to Users residing outside Spain. This requirement is an essential condition prior to the commencement of commercial relationship with BANKINTER, S.A. Users shall be solely responsible for any applications they may make for any of the products or services shown on this website that do not fulfil the requirement regarding their place of residence or the stipulation that products and services may only be requested within Spain. BANKINTER, S.A. shall be exempt from any corresponding liability. BANKINTER, S.A. may reject an application to register as a Client from the moment it is aware that the User is not fulfilling the aforementioned requirements.

    3. Data processing

    BANKINTER shall guarantee the confidentiality of any personal data provided by its users and the automatic treatment thereof, pursuant to legal provisions on the protection of personal data and the Data Protection clause.

    4. Secure environment

    The access to our transaction web pages, via which the clients of BANKINTER S.A. can sign up for BANKINTER, S.A. products or services, is carried out in a secure environment.
    The client can check if he/she is in a secure environment by examining the lock on the lower status line.

    Likewise, the client can check that he/she is on BANKINTER's website by looking for the words "Bankinter" or "ebankinter" on the top status bar.

    Clients may request and/or hire the products and services offered by BANKINTER, S.A. on this website, on-line, by using the Bank's password and code system which ensures their identification and the integrity and confidentiality of all transactions.

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    BANKINTER shall not be liable in any way whatsoever for the information contained in third party websites to which access is made through links or search tools in BANKINTER's website. The links shown on BANKINTER's website are provided for information purposes only and shall at no time be deemed to represent a suggestion, invitation or recommendation regarding the said link.

    7. Exchange or diffusion of information

    BANKINTER, S.A hereby waives any liability that may derive from its users exchanging information through its website. Any liability for declarations that are broadcast in this website shall correspond to the authors thereof.

    8. Information on technical issues

    BANKINTER, S.A. shall not be liable for any potential loss or damage that may derive from interferences, omissions, interruptions, computer viruses, telephone breakdowns or cut-offs in the operation of the Bank's electronic system, for reasons beyond the Bank's control. The foregoing shall include the delayed or blocked use of the Bank's electronic system due to defective or overloaded telephone lines or overloading in the Bank's Data Processing Centre, Internet or other electronic system, including any damage caused by third parties through illegal interferences beyond the Bank's control. Likewise, the Bank shall be exempt from liability for any losses or damages suffered by a user as a result of errors, defects or omissions in the Bank's information, provided that the source thereof is outside the Bank.

    9. Information on capital gains/losses

    The information on capital gains/losses contained in the present web site,, is of a provisional nature, and thus liable to subsequent modification. It should by no means be construed as Fiscal Information.

    Bankinter is responsible neither for the use given to this information nor any financial loss to the investor on operations formalised on the basis of the provisional information on fiscal gains/losses contained in the present web site.