New Bankinter ad 2023! A Story of progress


Escrito por: Bankinter

Bankinter is launching a new advertising campaign this weekend: A Story of Progress. This campaign video uses banknotes to portray a journey through Spain's history, showing how we have progressed as a society from 1492 to the present day and concluding that progress means that whoever comes after us inherits a little more, not less. 

Bankinter ad video: A Story of progress

Bankinter has once again worked, on this campaign, with Sioux meet Cyranos, as its creative agency, and with Havas, as its media agency. You can see the full lyrics here: Discover the lyrics from the new Bankinter ad

Our commitment to the present for a future of progress

"Uncertainty is not there to paralyse us but to remind us of what makes us move forward." In the video, Bankinter highlights some of the entity's differential values and its solidity in the current environment of uncertainty: solvency, efficiency, sustainability, as well as its contribution to job creation.

1. Employment

10 years creating employment, keeping our branches open even during the worst times.

2. committee

Offering responsible investments, which places us among the most sustainable investors in the Dow Jones Index. See news article

3. Equality

We are listed in the Bloomberg Index, which recognises the leading companies in gender equality worldwide. In addition, Bankinter is one of the European banks with the greatest gender equality, according to the BCG IndexSee news article

4. Solvency

According to the European Central Bank, we are one of the most solvent banks. 

5. Yield

European Banking Authority stress tests show us to be one of the most solid entities in the European sector in terms of profitability. See news article.

6. Efficiency ratio

We are the most efficient bank. And that's not just because we say it ourselves, it's in the Spanish Banking Pulse Report.

See these measures to ensure your money progresses too:


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