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Bankinter launches a new campaign to highlight the advantages of its partner banking to advertising agencies and media

  • The new "Half Agencies and Media" campaign will be launched in the media in the first quarter and continue with direct marketing actions throughout the year.

  • Established 30 years ago, Bankinter Partner is a unique business model based on the partnership between the bank and a business customer which enables employees of that business to access financial products and services tailored for them, sharing the profits.

From today, Thursday, Bankinter is beginning a new integrated marketing and advertising campaign in mass and direct media that aims to highlight the advantages of its unique and pioneering Bankinter Partner service, a distinctive business model based on the partnership between the bank and a business customer, which enables its employees to access tailored products and financial services, sharing the profits generated.


The campaign is aimed specifically at companies in the advertising and media sector (creative agencies, advertising agencies, media and production companies), with the aim of attracting businesses in these sectors to this unrivalled financial proposal, through which bespoke products and financial services are offered under advantageous conditions to their employees and also distributing among them, in a trailblazing development in Spain, part of the profits generated with their own activity. The title of the campaign, "Half Agencies and Media", alludes precisely to this clearly distinctive advantage: the sharing of profits generated by a bank with its customers.


This exclusive business model marked its 30th anniversary in 2023 with very strong figures. Bankinter Partner closed the year with more than 280 associates, 48,000 customers and a loan book of 3.4 billion euros, up 3% compared with the previous year, with a mortgage portfolio of 1.6 billion euros. The average financing balance grew by 88% in the last decade.


For the 2023 financial year, the bank will distribute a total of 23 million euros among Bankinter Partner customers, surpassing the 2022 total of 13 million euros. This payout is credited to the customer's account once a year and is personalised for each of them based on the products they have with the Bank. Moreover, the amount is completely transparent, because the bank has developed a simulator that allows each client to calculate approximately how much profit they will make by taking out a certain product at their branch, as well as the amount of profit they will accumulate as time passes.


Furthermore, this annual payout is not only presented as a financial reward, but also as a recognition of the key role that customers play in the ongoing success of Bankinter Partner. This cooperative approach cements the emotional bond between the bank and its customers, creating a sense of belonging and fostering long-term loyalty.


Bankinter, which will launch this campaign in marketing and advertising sector media during the first quarter, has once again teamed up with the Sioux meet Cyranos agency, which is responsible for the creative idea, adapted by Pixel & Pixel for digital and Havas for media planning.



About Bankinter


Bankinter is currently the fifth largest bank in the Spanish financial system by market capitalisation and profits. With assets worth over 113 billion euros, lending of 77 billion euros and controlled customer funds of 133 billion euros, Bankinter has a presence in four EU countries: Spain, Portugal, Ireland and Luxembourg.