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At Bankinter we think that knowledge is the first step towards making the best decisions. So at our upcoming webinars you can find out all about how European funds work.

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Kit Digital
Experts and knowledge | 01 Jun 2022

Digital Kit

Promote the digitization of your company.
Evolución, retos y futuro del CFO
Strategy and innovation | 17 Mar 2022

The future CFO

Experts from some of the most important companies in Spain will analyse the evolution of the financial function in Spain and the challenges and opportunities of CFOs and their teams.
Experts and knowledge | 23 May 2023

The success of the European Funds told by its protagonists.

Are the European Funds reaching companies? What kind of companies? What is the process? We will find out in this event with companies of different sizes and sectors.
El financiero ante la incertidumbre
Strategy and innovation | 06 Jun 2023

Financiers and uncertainty.

How do financiers react to uncertainty? CFOs from some of the country's biggest companies will tell you first-hand. We will also present the results of the second annual CFO Frontline Report study. Surely you can't miss this event?
PERTE Agroalimentario
Experts and knowledge | 10 Mar 2022

A PERTE to help you transform your agri-food company.

We tell you everything you need to know about the Agri-food PERTE and how your company can apply for subsidies for digitalisation or innovation in the sector.
PERTE microchips
Experts and knowledge | 25 Oct 2022

Microelectronics and semiconductors PERTE.

A PERTE to make your technology company more competitive.
Experts and knowledge | 12 May 2022

Naval PERTE: modernise your company.

We'll explain everything you need to know about digitalisation and improving environmental sustainability in the naval sector.
Futuro de los mercados
Strategy and innovation | 15 Sep 2022

Future outlook for the markets

Questions about the future outlook for the markets? Follow us to get some answers.
Webinar Perte Economía Circular
Experts and knowledge | 27 Apr 2022

A PERTE to help you boost your company's circular economy.

We tell you all about the Circular Economy PERTE and how your company can benefit from digitalisation, ecodesign and sustainability.