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27 Apr 2022

A PERTE to help you boost your company's circular economy.

We tell you all about the Circular Economy PERTE and how your company can benefit from digitalisation, ecodesign and sustainability.
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Webinar Perte Economía Circular
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10:00 GMT+02
An online event where FI Group experts will explain everything you need to know about these grants and answer your questions to help you create a company based on digitalisation, ecodesign and sustainability.


Participante evento CFO Forum
Grants Manager
FI Group
Participante evento CFO Forum
Food and environment Strategy Granter
FI Group
Emma Montserrat
European Union Fund Manager. Deputy Assistant Managing Director

The circular economy has the potential to create some 700,000 jobs in Europe, of which at least 10% could be in Spain. This PERTE aims to accelerate the transition to a more efficient and sustainable production system in terms of the use of raw materials. The planned investments include aid worth 492 million euros and over 1.2 billion euros is expected to be raised by 2026.

In this webinar, together with the consulting firm FI Group, we analyse the two lines that make up this PERTE and how companies in any sector can benefit from aid to reduce their environmental footprint, promoting actions such as recycling and reusing products.