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10 Mar 2022

A PERTE to help you transform your agri-food company.

We tell you everything you need to know about the Agri-food PERTE and how your company can apply for subsidies for digitalisation or innovation in the sector.
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PERTE Agroalimentario
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Sectorial Leader
FI Group
Emma Montserrat
European Union Fund Manager. Deputy Assistant Managing Director

The agri-food sector has a strategic value for the Spanish economy, not only for its contribution to GDP and its international profile, but also from a social and environmental point of view. This PERTE is designed as a set of measures to strengthen the development of the agri-food chain and provide it with the necessary tools for the environmental, digital, social and economic challenges of the next decade. To achieve these objectives, it will benefit from public investment of around 1 billion euros until 2023, although it is expected to generate an impact on the economy of around 3 billion euros and create up to 16,000 jobs.

In this webinar, together with the consulting firm FI Group, we analyse the Agrifood PERTE and how companies can benefit from aid in terms of digitalisation or innovation in the agri-food sector.