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25 Oct 2022

Microelectronics and semiconductors PERTE.

A PERTE to make your technology company more competitive.
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PERTE microchips
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2022-10-25 09:30:00.0 GMT2022-10-25 09:30:00.0
12.25 billion euros from now until 2027. That's the sum available for this PERTE aimed at reinforcing design and production capabilities in Spain's microelectronics and semiconductors industry.


Xabier Gómez Aparicio
Xavier Gómez Aparicio
Head of Digital Transformation
FI Group
Emma Montserrat
European Union Fund Manager. Deputy Assistant Managing Director
The broad aim of what is commonly known as the microchips PERTE is to promote the autonomy of Spain and the European Union in this sector. If you want find out more about the key objectives, application procedure and dates of this strategic project for economic recovery and transformation, join our webinar at 09.30 on 25 October to get all the details from experts from the FI Group.