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Consejos de los expertos en networking
Tools and solutions | 15 Nov 2022

Events for CFOs: learn from advice from networking experts.

This article offers advice from networking experts on optimising those satisfying moments that get us out of our daily routine.
Kit Digital
Tools and solutions | 08 Jun 2022

Digital Kit: 12,000 euros from European funds to digitalise your company.

With the Digital Kit you can create an app, a website, install a CRM, optimise your company's position on Google or process invoices and payroll in the cloud.
Atención al cliente con Biometría
Tools and solutions | 30 Dec 2021

Customer service with biometrics.

How to reduce costs, increase security and improve the customer experience in your contact centre
Los efectos fiscales de los Fondos Next Generation UE
Tools and solutions | 08 Jul 2021

Tax effects of the Next Generation EU Funds

Do you know the fiscal implications that the Next Generation Funds will have in Corporate Tax and VAT?
Cambios derivados de la NIIF 9 y la NIIF 15 en el PGCE
Tools and solutions | 22 Jun 2021

Main new features and changes in the PGC in line with IFRS 9 and IFRS 15.

Spain's general accounting plan (PGC) has been adapted to International Financial Reporting Standards 9 and 15 (IFRS 9 and IFRS 15).