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23 Feb 2022

The potential of green hydrogen.

Leading experts in the field will explain how the 1.5 billion euros of the Renewable Energies PERTE will be distributed and the type of green hydrogen projects that will eligible for funding.
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El potencial del hidrógeno verde
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Participante evento CFO Forum
Spanish Hydrogen Association
Participante evento CFO Forum
Grants Manager
FI Group
Emma Montserrat
European Union Fund Manager. Deputy Assistant Managing Director

It is an inexhaustible source of energy, but we don't extract it from any deposits: we have to make it. Spain can be a world leader in renewable or green hydrogen, due to its technological capabilities and the boost provided by future European Union funds worth 1.555 billion euros. The first calls for applications have just been published and, as has already been mentioned, green hydrogen, which receives almost a quarter of European funds and accounts for a third of private investment in the scheme, is the great protagonist of the ERHA PERTE.

In this webinar we analyse, together with the Spanish Hydrogen Association and the FI Group consultancy, the EHRA PERTE and specifically the potential of green hydrogen to reduce dependency on foreign energy.