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About Bankinter
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What is the share capital of Bankinter S.A.? Detailed information in the Company Information section
What dividends has Bankinter paid? Detailed information in the Dividends section
How can I acquire Bankinter shares?
Place the order through any of our commercial Network branches. If you are already a user, you can do so through our Telephone Banking channels, our internet broker Open new window or our mobile phone broker Open new window.
Likewise, for the same purpose, you can contact your usual bank or securities company, since it is not necessary to be a Bankinter customer to become a Bankinter shareholder.
Where can I get information about the evolution of Bankinter stock?Detailed information in the market value and graphs section.
What expenses do the purchase and deposit of Bankinter shares entail?
  • Bank commission
  • Broker fees (Company or Brokerage House costs, if they act as an intermediary in the operation)
  • Stock Market rates.
  • Custody charges.
  • Commissions for dividend payments or other capital operations.
The purchase of Bankinter shares through our Commercial Networks is exempt from the custody charge, bank commission and the commission for payment of dividends.
Consult the advantages of operating with our internet broker Open new window or our mobile phone broker Open new window.
How do I transfer Bankinter shares from another depository institution?It is only necessary to hand in the final securities account statement, signed by all of the holders, at any of our commercial network points, or if you are already a user of our Internet BrokerOpen new window, by filling out the corresponding form.
What rights does the shareholder have?
  • The right to participate in the distribution of the company’s capital gains (dividends, bonuses, etc….) and in the resulting settlement of property.
  • The right to preferred subscription of the issue of new shares or of bonds which are convertible into shares
  • The right to attend and vote in the General Board Meetings and to contest the company agreements.
  • The right to information.
How can I request the financial year report?
Detailed information in the Bankinter Group Report section .
To receive the report printed on paper, you just have to request it by using this form.
Who has the right to attend the General Shareholders Meeting?
Only holders of six-hundred or more shares shall have the right to attend the General Meeting, who will be represented by means of account entries, whenever they have registered them in the corresponding Accounts ledger, five days prior to the one on which the Meeting is held.
In order to exercise the right to attend the Meetings and the right to vote, the Grouping of shares shall be permitted.
The attendees of the general Meeting will have one vote for each share that they possess or represent.
What documentation is required to attend a General Shareholders’ Meeting?The shareholder who personally attends the Meeting must prove their identity with their attendance card, which will be given to them by the Company well ahead of time.
Can somebody else attend the General Shareholders Meeting on my behalf?Every shareholder that has the right to attend can be represented at the General Meeting through another shareholder who has the right to attend, in the conditions established by Law.
What is the difference between the Ordinary General Meeting and the Extraordinary General Meeting?
The Ordinary General Meeting meets within the first six months of each financial year, to approve the company’s management, the accounts from the previous financial year and to decide the application of profit.
Everything that is not discussed in the previous case will receive consideration in the Extraordinary General Meeting.