Bankinter, the first bank to incorporate technology to help manage its clients, also wants to become a leader in data protection and privacy.For this reason: 
 -it implements and develops high security standards designed to protect confidentiality, integrity and availability of the Information Systems via organizational and technical aspects. 
 -the Bankinter web servers have been certified by Verisign Inc. Abre nueva ventana, so that you can have the guarantee that you have connected to Bankinter. 
 -all the information transmitted is encrypted using TLS-SSL protocol and 128-bit codes, and our systems connected to Internet have been protected by "firewalls" and intrusion detection systems, as well as antivirus programs. 
 -our Information Systems undergo Periodic Intrusion Tests, both internal and external. 
Bankinter adds to its web pages a series of security measures to protect its data and its operations: 
 -the introduction of coordinates from your code card each time you sign an operation, is performed using a graphic panel, a system which permits eluding the risk of the programs known as "trojans", which try to capture information through keystrokes. 
Introducción de coordenada
 -in our connection zone you can indicate to us if you are connecting from a private computer, and if is a public computer, our system does not store cookies1 nor leave a trace of the pages you have visited in our web pages, improving your security. 
Estoy en un PC privado
 -we automatically disconnect you from the session after a 20 minute absence of use (30 minutes in the Broker). This measure prevents any other person from carrying out operations on your behalf in your computer in case you have been careless or abandoned your PC. 
 -Operating limits: we have control systems for personalised operating limits, so that a client is not able to carry out transactions for more than a certain amount, as well as general operating limits, the total amount of transactions that can be performed in our web pages. This measure limits the risk of any damage. 
 -the cookies we place in your operating system during the secure connection, which are necessary for browsing in any web page in secure mode, are only active during your connection. When you disconnect from our web pages, we delete these components from your browser. 
 -we oblige you to change password on your first connection to prevent your identity theft. This makes it possible for us to guarantee that only you know your password. 
 -an error on entering the username or the password on three occasions causes the access codes to ebankinter.com to be deactivated. We have the possibility of reactivating these codes via the web page. 
 -we show you the date and time of your last connection, and the last password change so that you can detect if anyone has connected using your name in the last few days. 
Datos sobre conexión y contraseña
 -your username and password of ebankinter.com must have at least 6 characters, which makes the possibility of someone deducing them by trying different options more difficult. 
 -you can choose the possibility of not receiving statements nor ordinary post on your banking operations.
This limits the possibility that someone can find out your financial situation by checking your mailbox.
All statements and receipts for operations are available and can be consulted on the web page. 
 (1)  A cookie is a small piece of information (text) sent by a Web server to be stored by your browser in your computer's memory. This means it can be read later on by the server in question, making it useful for remembering any specific information, for example when the username and password are stored.