Bankinter adds to its web pages a series of security measures to protect its data and its operations: 
"Pin-Pad" for entering coordinates: entering the coordinates of your key code card every time you carry out a transaction is by means of a graphic panel, the system that prevents the risk of known programs such as "Trojans", which try to capture information through keystrokes. Entering the coordinates by clicking the mouse stops possible intrusion programs from capturing your secret data. 
Pin-pad for entering the coordinate
Connection from private or public computer: in our connection area you can indicate if you are connected from a private computer. 
I am using my PC
 If you are in a public computer, our system does not store cookies1 or leave traces of pages that you have visited in our website, improving your security. 
Automatic disconnection of session after 20 minutes of non-use: when we detect that you have not made any enquiry or performed any operation in our web pages for a period of 20 minutes (30 minutes in the Broker), the session is ended and you are disconnected. This measure prevents any other person from carrying out operations on your behalf in your computer in case you have been careless or abandoned your PC. 
Operating limits: we have control systems for personalised operating limits, so that a client is not able to carry out transactions for more than a certain amount, as well as general operating limits, the total amount of transactions that can be performed in our web pages. This measure limits the risk of any damage. 
Cookies system1 only active during the session: the cookies that we place in your operating system during secure connection, which are necessary for browsing any web page in safe mode, are only active when you are connected. When you disconnect from our web pages, we delete these components from your browser. 
Obligatory change of password in first connection: to prevent its falsification when connecting for the first time to our web pages, you have to change your password. This makes it possible for us to guarantee that only you know your password. 
Blocking of username after three failed attempts: errors in entering the username or password on three occasions will lead to the deactivation of your access codes to We are able to reactivate these codes through the web page, using your personal access code to the telephone banking service, adding greater security to this reactivation. 
Date and time of last connection: we will show you the date and time of your last connection so you can check whether anyone has connected using your name since then. 
Minimum of 6 characters for username and password:Your username and password at must have a minimum of 6 characters, which makes it more difficult for someone to deduce them by trying different options. 
Avoid ordinary mail by replacing it with enquiries at You have the option of not receiving statements or ordinary mail about your banking transactions. This limits the possibility of anyone finding out about your financial situation by checking your mailbox. All transaction statements and receipts are available for consultation in our web page. You can print a copy yourself or even request that it be sent to you by ordinary mail. 
 (1) A cookie is a small piece of information -text- sent by the web server for storage by the browser used in the computer’s memory. This means it can be read later on by the server in question, making it useful for remembering any specific information, for example when the username and password are stored.