Recommendations for your codes 
-Regularly change the username and password codes. 
-Make sure the username and password contain numbers and letters
-Avoid using proper names, or things that can be associated to you. 
-Choose a different username and password
-Never note down the codes on a sheet of paper
-Never reveal your codes, and especially not by e-mail or telephone. 
-Avoid people from seeing the codes you enter. 
How to protect yourself from phishing
Recommendations for your connections 
-Do not use the option "Autocomplete passwords" to connect to an entity or service. 
-Check the date and time of the last connection and if any connection has been made on a date or at a time that you do not remember, change your username and access codes as a security measure and inform Bankinter. 
-Do not forget to disconnect in secure webs using the disconnect button. 
How to protect your connections
Recommendations for your computer 
-Keep your browser version updated. 
-Regularly delete the cookies1 from your computer. 
-Regularly delete the temporary files from your computer. 
-Make backup copies and keep your operating system up-to-date with the latest updates. 
-Do not share files or printers with third parties. 
-Regularly check the pages visited.. You can consult these pages using the "History" option of your browser. 
How to protect your computer
Recommendations for browsing 
-Avoid downloads from unknown websites. 
-Follow the rules of card use over the Internet and protect your personal details
How to protect your details and cards
If you wish, you can read and print our security decalogue, which contains the 10 basic rules for operating on the Internet. 
 -  Security decalogue to access the bank via the Internet  (484KB) Abre documento pdf
(1)  A cookie is a small piece of information -text- sent by the web server for storage by the browser used in the computer’s memory. This means it can be read later on by the server in question, making it useful for remembering any specific information, for example when the username and password are stored. 
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