How to check the status of the Autocomplete option
When this browser option is enabled, the passwords that you enter in the website are stored in the system, so that when you re-enter the username, the password field is automatically completed.
This option enabled in a shared computer may mean that someone uses your secret codes.
If you also have enabled the option of "Autocomplete forms" (an option that makes browsing and data repetition much easier), users can be easily identified as can their passwords..
Keep these two options disabled.
 1.Go to the Toolbar and select "Internet Options".

Seleccione Opciones de Internet
 2.Move the mouse over the "Content" tab and click the option "Autocomplete".
Pulse en la opción Autocompletar
 3.Uncheck the option "User names and passwords on forms" and, if you wish, also "Forms".
Configuración de autocompletar