At Bankinter we work to protect you from attempts at identity fraud, but the best defence is yourself. Below we list some important advice to help you protect yourself. 
 Very Important: 
 Bankinter may contact you to request information, but we never ask for your cashpoint PIN, or your username and password for access to 
  If you receive any calls or e-mails from strangers claiming to belong to Bankinter, please immediately contact us on 901 135 135, or by e-mail to Be particularly careful when people ask for account information in order to "give you a prize", "check an account balance" or "incorporate an improved technological feature". You may be a victim of "PHISHING", a new type of identity fraud in which third parties pretend to be bank employees, or impersonate the bank by email, using the same designs and logos, in order to get hold of your secret details. 
How to prevent attempted identity fraud 
 -Protect your current account number. Never give it to a stranger. 
 -Immediately report the loss or theft of cheques and check new cheques in order to ensure that none have been stolen during dispatch. 
 -Keep new and cancelled cheques in a safe place: Our cheque books include various security measures to avoid improper manipulation, but you should then protect them yourself. 
 -Do not trust suspicious e-mails or telephone calls. 
 -Protect the details of your transactions using ATMs and the Internet. Avoid using obvious or easily obtainable information as a password. Do not write down your passwords or share them with anyone.  
 -Reduce the use of printed documents. Bankinter has options such as Web Mail, which allow you to store on your computer, or consult at any moment via, information about your accounts. 
 -Do not give financial information over the telephone unless you initiated the call and are talking to the Telephone Bank or your branch. 
 -Destroy any financial documents you do not need, such as account or card statements, bills etc. 
 -Pick up mail you receive swiftly and do not leave correspondence in your home mailbox to be picked up by the postman. 
 -If you stop receiving bills, call the company customer service line on 237 or  902 88 88 35  if you stop receiving statements from Bankinter. It is possible that someone may have presented a false change of address request to divert your mail
 -Sign your VISA card as soon as you receive it.  
 -Never write your PIN on the VISA card itself. 
 -Do not let your VISA card out of your sight. 
 -Do not forget to cancel your VISA card if you lose it. 
 -Do not accept help from any strangers even if they identify themselves as Bankinter employees.