The Hal Cash service allows you to instantly send money to a mobile telephone and withdraw it at an ATM. You only need to know the payee’s mobile telephone number
In only 4 steps:
1.It can be sent via the Internet or by mobile telephone.
 -Via the Internet: indicating the charge account and a secrete 4-number code that must be notified to the recipient so that he/she can withdraw the money from the ATM.
 -By mobile telephone, sending a text message (SMS) to 7128 , separating each part of the message with a space in the following format:
  Key WordSMS message formatExample
   Euros SEND  < amount >< payee’s mobile telephone number >
 < secrete code chosen >
 SEND 10  612345678 1234
   Other currency SEND < amount >< payee’s mobile telephone number >
 < secrete code chosen >
 SEND 10  34612345678 1234
 A ‘service commission’ on money transfers withdrawn from ATMs in currencies different to Euros shall be charged, corresponding to the difference between the exchange value of the currency to be withdrawn and the type of note dispersed by the ATM.
2.Notify the secret code to the payee.
3.The payee shall receive an SMS from 7128 indicating the amount and a second code , for greater security.
4.The payee may withdraw the money at any ATM associated to this service using the 2 codes provided and and without having to use a card.
The payee must withdraw the money within 10 days from the transfer date. If the money is not withdrawn for any reason, the amount shall be returned to your current account.
Consult the cash ATMs Abre nueva ventana that currently offer this service.
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