Hal Cash: Su dinero listo para recoger en un cajero sin tarjeta
Hal Cash is a revolutionary service that allows you to send money to a mobile telephone, to be instantly and securely withdrawn at an ATM, at any time and place in Spain and/or Ecuador.
The transfer can be made via the Internet, mobile telephone, Telephone Banking and your Bankinter branch.
 Logo servicio Hal Cash, envío instantáneo de dinero a cajero. 
To use this service you only need:
-To be a Bankinter client.
-Know the mobile telephone number of the person to whom you wish to send the money.
 The payee receives an SMS with a secret reference and does not have to be a Bankinter client nor have a card with which to withdraw the money from an ATM.
You will just as easily be able to resolve situations such as not being able to withdraw money from an ATM at night because your card does not work or pay someone whose account number you do not know or send money transfers to family or friends living abroad.
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How it works 
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