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In what currencies can I open my e-account?
The e-account can be contracted in Euros and other currencies, such as for example, Pounds Sterling, US Dollars, Yen, Swiss Francs, etc.
The salary e-account and professional account can only be contracted in Euros.
How many participants can there be in my new e-account?
- If you are already a Bankinter customer, your new account may have a maximum of seven participants, whether holders, guardians, minors or authorised persons.
- If you are not yet a Bankinter customer, your new account may have a maximum of two participants, whether holders, guardians, minors or authorised persons. For non-residents in Spain, a maximum of two holders are allowed (both non-residents and of full legal age).
When will my new e-account be operational?
- If your account inherits the holdership of a previous account, or you are the only holder, you may operate with it from the moment in which we confirm its activation and provide you with the account number.
- If the holdership of the new account is different to that of the previous accounts, or you are not yet a Bankinter customer, your account will become activated when we receive the necessary documentation.
I am not a Bankinter customer. What does the e-account opening process involve?
These are the steps to follow:
  1. Fill in the form with the personal details of the holders or authorised persons (maximum two persons, whether holders, guardians, minors or authorised persons. In the case of non-residents, only two holders over 18 years old).
  2. Read and accept the Bankinter.com Basic Contract.
  3. You will obtain your e-account number (your current account in Bankinter.com), and it will become activated: you will be able to make deposits from the next day.
  4. We will give you your access codes for Remote Banking (Internet and Telephone Banking).
  5. You will receive the welcome package at your home address. If you prefer, you can print the following documentation on screen:
    • - A signature recognition form
    • - A coordinates card that will guarantee maximum security in all your Remote Banking transactions.
    • - Declaration of Tax Residence model AF-638 (only for non-residents in Spain).
  6. To benefit from all the advantages of your account, you must send us the following documents within a month:
    • - A photocopy of proof of identity (Spanish National ID Card/Tax ID Card, passport or residence card).
    • - The signature recognition form duly filled in.
    • - Declaration of Tax Residence model AF-638 (only for non-residents in Spain).
    • - Document accrediting the professional activity of the holders and legally authorised persons.
      If you are employed you may provide a photocopy of one of these documents: last pay slip, employment contract or corporate certificate.
      If you are self-employed you can provide a photocopy of any of these documents: proof of payment of Social Security under the special regime for self-employed workers; VAT return; individual income tax withholdings, quarterly or annual, as appropriate.
      Accreditation is not required in the case of housewives, annuitants or unemployed persons.
In the case of Spanish non-residents, you must also provide a photocopy of a valid Consular Certificate of Residence.
For security reasons, your e-account will remain blocked and the coordinates card deactivated until the aforementioned documents have been received, at which time you will be able to fully operate through the different channels of the bank.
We will send you an e-mail notifying you of the receipt of your documents.
Where should I send the documentation related to the opening of my e-account?
- If you are in Spain, the address to which you should send the necessary documentation is:
C.A. Bankinter.com
Apartado de correos 525 F.D.
28080 MADRID
- If sending it from abroad, the address is:
CA Bankinter.com
CCRI nº 35
28080 MADRID
- If you wish, you can send your documentation through the company MEX, free of charge for deliveries within Spain , to:
Bankinter SA
Pico de San Pedro 2
28760 Tres Cantos
Ref: ALTA 8700
To request the collection and delivery of the documentation, please call 902 360 350
How do I deposit money into my e-account?
In order to deposit money into your new e-account you must do so via a transfer from another account that you have in Spain (indicating the current account number), or abroad (indicating the current account number and Bankinter Swift code: BKBKESMM); or in cash at one of our branches.
I need help. Who should I contact?
If you have any doubts you can call us on 902 365 563 (or 34 91 6578869 if calling from abroad), send us an e-mail with your query or use our service Would you like us to call you? and we will contact you at your convenience.