Contracting for Bankinter clients
 -Once you have codes you can contract our deposits. You only have to click on the option Apply for the deposit you would like to contract and enter the co-ordinate we will ask you for from your card to confirm the operation.

 -If you have the Telephone Banking access code and code card but do not have the codes you can obtain them immediately. For this you will need:

  1. To enter your NIF (Tax ID Number) or residence card and date of birth.
  2. Choose the user name and password to carry out transactions over the Internet.

  With the codes you have chosen you can now contract your deposit through

Registration of codes 
 -If you do not have a code card or codes please go to your nearest Bankinter branch or contact your agent, so that they can provide you with the codes and request your deposit.

Contracting for non-Bankinter clients
 If you are not a Bankinter client and would like to contract a Fixed Term Deposit or a customised deposit, select the deposit you would like, complete the necessary data to become a client and contract the deposit. This process involves opening an e-account in the bank.

To contract a different deposit you have to become a Bankinter client in order to subsequently contract the deposit.

Once we have received your details

 1. you will receive by post:

  - signature validation form
- personal identification form
- a deactivated coordinates card so that you can perform transactions via

  If you are not a Spanish resident, you will also receive a tax residency declaration form (one per holder), where you must indicate your tax address and country of residence, and which you must also sign and send us with the rest of the documentation.

If you have Spanish nationality and tax residency overseas, you must send us a certificate issued by the Spanish Consulate indicating your place of residence.

If you are going to send funds from overseas, you must indicate to your bank making the transfer to Bankinter via the swift code address BKBKESMM, indicating your complete account (20 digits).

 2. You must send us by mail, or via our couriers, the ID card photocopy as well as the documentation duly completed.

  A document accrediting the professional activity of the holders and authorised persons must also be provided.
If you are an employee please provide a photocopy of one of these documents: last pay slip, work contract or company certificate. If you are self-employed we will need a photocopy of any of these documents: Social Security payment receipt for autonomous workers; VAT return; Personal Income Tax withholdings, quarterly or annual, accordingly.
Accreditation is not required in the case of housewives, stockholders, pensioners, students or unemployed persons.

 3. Upon receiving this documentation, we will activate the code card.
From that point on you will be able to carry out transactions. The first time you log in, the screen will display the contracts related to your application, which you will have to sign using your code card.
We agree to maintain the interest rate on the deposit to be contracted for 5 days, during which time you should have deposited the funds in your account. The order will be valid for the following 25 days, during which time the edeposit will be contracted at the rate applicable on the contracting date. If your application has not been formalised by that time, it will be cancelled together with the account and the codes for the Remote Banking Services
Contract deposits